Monday Rant

There are things in this world I truly despise, loath really. The first being peppers, all peppers, I don’t discriminate in my dislike. Liver, have real issues with this particular food item, and skinny people who talk about obesity.
Loath and despise are really too strong for what I feel for them. Disdain is a better word.
I am not talking about people who have battled the weight issue and conquered it. I am talking about the naturally skinny people who maybe gain 5 or 10 pounds now believe they are qualified to weigh in on the battle against obesity.
Seriously! Until you truly know what it is to be fat, to be ridiculed because you have weight issue do not talk about the national obesity rate. Good grief, I am beyond insulted when this happens.
I want to yell YOU’RE SKINNY at the top of my lungs. I want to tell these people you have no idea what my struggle has been.
I am floored by it, once again, just addressing people who have never known true obesity.
I’m done now.

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