Close Call

I’m still processing what happened today, I have not had something like this happen, well, ever. I was driving to the radio station to see Shanon Jay when I lost control of my car.
The roads were wet, I must have hit a puddle of water and my car hydroplaned, that is all I can think that happened. My car started spinning, around and around we went, I honestly didn’t know if it was going to stop. A voice in my head said just let it, then go toward the grass. I spun 3 or four times, I lost count. I saw a tree, the metal guardrail and then I stopped.
I looked around me, praying no one had been hurt because of my vehicle; the fire truck that had been behind was still there. Only now it was sideways in the highway, blocking all oncoming traffic from hitting me.
Their quick actions probably saved a life; I know for sure it saved vehicles from damages and people from injuries.
As for my vehicle, not a scratch, and me on either of us, I didn’t hit anything and I am fine, just a little shaken.
All I can think is God must want me to do something; He’s not ready for me to come home yet. I’m ok with going, I just don’t want to, I have things I want to accomplish myself.
I honestly thought this is it, I really didn’t foresee myself dying in a car accident, and I really see myself dying at 115 years old, surrounded by my children, grandchildren and many greats.
We never know what today holds, tomorrow is not promised, only God knows the exact number of days we have left. Apparently I have many more days left in front of me.

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