Impressions of New Job

I’m in my second week of actually being on the job, out of training, sitting at my desk, taking calls and helping people. How do I like my job you may ask? I don’t, I LOVE my job! This is the most fun I have had at work in years! My tools all work, we have numbers and contacts to actually get issues corrected! We are not told we can only talk to a customer for a certain amount of time; we are given leeway to get the customers issues fixed.
I cannot say enough about how much I am enjoying this change in my life, it’s incredible. I was a reluctant to make this move; it is not something that I even thought that I would want to do. I was hesitant to even accept the offer, as I had not put in for it, I felt I wasn’t being given a choice in the matter.
I am here to tell you, God really does what is best for us even when we don’t think so at the time. I feel like I fell into someplace I belong, like I am making a real difference.
I, of course, have new neighbors in my cubicle neighborhood, and I will repeat, I don’t believe in happenstance, accidents or luck. The new people I am sitting by are awesome! My cube mate to the left of me is a young man that is truly going places. He does music on the side, hip-hop with a positive message. He gave me one of his CD’s and it is really good. I know without a doubt he is going to be successful at it. More than that, he has such a great attitude and is so helpful. I truly am enjoying getting to know him.
The man right in front of me is also awesome; he welcomed us to his team and is incredibly helpful. No resentment at all that we have more seniority than he does, and he recognized right away that I am happy all the time. He doesn’t even seem to find it annoying. The woman to the right of him (kitty-corner to me) is so nice, I sat with her my first day. She is from Las Vegas; this was a big change for her, and a great opportunity for not only her but also her family. She has such a great spirit about her; all of the people on the team are so helpful. Ready with a contact if you need one to do your job, or telling what tool to use in order to help the customer.
My new boss has a great attitude as well, she is new like me, and she gives encouraging words every day. She sends emails letting us know how we are doing and offers help if we need it.
The whole center has welcomed us even though we bumped a lot of them way down in seniority. If any are resentful I have yet to see it, all I have seen are sunny smiles and friendly hellos.
That’s my new job in a nutshell, after my near death experience it is a nice week.

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