Happy Birthday Alex!

I didn’t get to post yesterday as there was too much going on, so I want to take today to tell my youngest Alex, happy birthday!
Alex is a true blending of both his dad and myself, especially in personality, he is intelligent, his thought process is not like anyone else’s. He really thinks about things and comes to conclusions that are unique. I am so proud of the person he has become and continues to become.
He is caring and thoughtful, especially where his mother is concerned; he is funny and completely unique.
I have often said that I am so happy God gave me the children He did, because they are awesome. I cannot imagine being anyone else’s mother, watching them grow from children to adults has been the most incredible experience.
Alex came over yesterday, gave up his birthday day, to visit with my cousins, one he met when he was a baby (doesn’t remember) and another he has never met. He graciously came and visited with them and even entertained them with stories of his childhood.
Today he and I will go to lunch to celebrate his birthday; I am so excited to celebrate with him. I am so proud of the men he is becoming, he is honest, sometimes to a fault (gets that from me) he is stubborn (his dad) and he is incredible (himself).

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