How I got my Name

I was telling the story of how I got my name to one of my co-workers and he said, that’s a really great story, you should write that down. I realized I have never written it down. When I was born, I was the last of 4 born to a woman that should have never had any, she gave all of us away and didn’t name one of us. My name was up for grabs at the time, my grandmother wanted to name me, my grandfather was getting ready to take her to the hospital to name me when he thought to ask her what the name was going to be.

She told him Billie Jean, legend has it he stopped the car in the drive way and told her there was no way a granddaughter of his would be named Billie, he made her get out of the car and go into the house. She had no choice as she didn’t know how to drive, so they waited, until after I was officially named, had a birth certificate and it was legal.

Since my birth mother had no interest in naming me one of my cousins, Linda Sue, asked if she could name me, of course she was told sure, what did it matter anyway. Angela Jean was chosen, and that is who I am, for the most part.

My adoptive mother didn’t like Angela, she thought it sounded snobby, so she said Angie suited me much better, she was right, I am Angie and this is my world.


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