Life is Good

I love the Fridays that I get Tess from school and we have a family dinner, this past Friday was no exception. Tess and I have fun until the others get here, then we all have fun together. Have I mentioned my kids are funny, smart and amazing lately? The only one missing was Alex, I missed him when he doesn’t get to come to dinner.

I have had someone tell me that having a meal with us is like being with the Addams family, I’ll take it, the barbs fly fast and furious around here. You have to be quick on your toes if you want to keep up and be part of the conversation.

Saturday was another awesome day, not only was it not raining for the first time in weeks, Elizabeth Anne and I went shopping. It was my Mother’s Day gift from her and her husband, a shopping spree. And spree we did, I got a lot of awesome new clothes that I needed! Losing weight and getting fit is not for the faint of heart when it comes to wardrobe.

Then it was Ladies that Lunch day, another great one in the books, the laughter and fellowship was just incredible. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this group of women, I am so proud to call them not only my friends, but my sisters.

I come home, let Stormie out, and what does she do, being a Husky, you can probably guess, yes, she found a new escape route. One I thought I had blocked really well, however with this rain, the ground is so soft it is easy for her to burrow out.

I truly got my exercise in yesterday, I had to follow her about a mile, in wedges, not chase, because if you give chase it will be 3 miles. Then when I did catch her, I had to carry her part of the way because I didn’t have a leash and she was trying to run with me holding her collar. So here I am, in a skirt, wedges and hair everywhere, mine and hers, carrying this big Husky. I am sure it was a sight to behold, huge shout out to the two gentlemen that stopped and tried to help me. One was a chicken delivery guy and he even brought out a bag that had chicken in it to try and entice her. No luck, she is on to that little trick, as we have taken meat out to try and get her to come.

Hole is once again plugged and it is once again raining horrendously here, I love the rain, let me amend that, I  LOVE rain, however, this is getting to be a bit much for even me.

Oh I almost forgot, the best part of yesterday, when Elizabeth Anne walked into the house, she looked at me and said “you are looking really skinny mom”. Best. Daughter. EVER. She is totally in the will.

Let me tell you who is not in the will, that would be my darling granddaughter Tess, we were at the grocery store checking out and the cashier heard Tess call me Gigi. She said, what, you’re a grandmother! I would never have guessed, you look so young, did I mention she is now my new BFF? Anyway, I thanked her, profusely, then Tess says, you don’t look that young, you look like my Nana, her Nana is 70+. Then Tess just laughed and laughed and I said um I can take that ball and video I am buying you and put it right back. Which made her laugh harder, the cashier thought it was adorable.

I wanted to mow the lawn today, however, I shan’t, in this weather, so laundry and going through my closet and getting rid of clothes that are too big. Life is good.



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