My Review of Vickery Park

We have had rain here in Texas forever, I love the rain, an inordinate amount, however this is getting to be a bit much for even me. I have sandals, wedges and gladiator shoes to wear and this weather is not conducive to that type of footwear.

Last night the Irishman and I went out, now it has been a long time since we have gone out on a real date, it was long overdue and it turned out to be a fun evening.

We went to a place he frequents, a lot, and I do mean a lot, Vickery Park, I wanted to see what the draw was and why he stays till 3am sometimes.

We sat at the bar, the two women who waited on us were really great, they paid the appropriate amount of attention to myself and him. This is where a lot of female restaurant workers go wrong, they don’t pay attention to the woman, they heap it all on the man. I have been in a place like that, a certain waitress named Ashley at Lochrann’s comes to mind.

Anyway back to Vickery Park, Erika and Madison were the women behind the bar, Erika was there first and when we walked in, of course she knew who the Irishman was. She beckoned us over and said sit at the bar.

So we did and she was awesome, she shook my hand, introduced herself and told me it was nice that I finally had come in with him. She asked me what she could make me in the way of a drink and I told her surprise me. Surprise me she did, it was delicious, then Madison came in, I finished that drink, she asked what I was having, I said I don’t know, so she surprised me. Hers tasted like a cherry limeade from Sonic.

Both women took such good care of us, and even good-naturedly posed for pictures with the concoctions they created for me.

All in all it was a pleasant evening and I enjoyed it immensely, I will be going back to visit again. It had the feel of a neighborhood place, I even met the manager, he was very nice and personable.

I will be going again Sunday morning, it is the last soccer game of the season, although I have to be honest, I don’t know when it starts and when it ends. Well I guess it ends now, but I think it starts again in like a week. The Irishman wants me to wear one of his soccer shirts so I will be supporting his team. Thank goodness I have lost weight so I can do that.

Speaking of losing weight, and inches and gaining muscle and strength, I am still on my journey and am losing inches and pounds.

For Mother’s Day Elizabeth Anne took me clothes shopping because all of mine are getting too big. That was a fun day, I love hanging out with her and shopping, she has good taste, and all of my friends are jealous that I have a daughter who treats me to a shopping spree. Not all, but totally some.


I broke my glasses and have an emergency appointment today to get new ones, I am going to a Lense Crafters because I seriously cannot wait a week to get my glasses. I found my old contacts and am wearing those, I feel exposed without glasses hiding my face. I rely on them to hide some of my reactions and facial expressions.


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