I am so happy that all of my women friends have integrity and morals, I’ll leave it at that.

Well this is the rainiest May I have ever seen in my entire life, it is insane, I know we needed the rain and since we have had this rain the drought that has plagued Texas is officially over. However, enough is enough, I pray we see sunny days soon.

Yesterday afternoon I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Cecily, she is my newest granddaughter. We had a blast, we laughed and laughed, we colored with crayons and with chalk, then I fed her sugar, a lot of sugar, then I gave her back. The job of a GiGi was done, and done well.

Tonight is family dinner night, so I get Tess and Cecily, that makes me happy, it makes me happy to have my children and their families around me.

So last weekend I broke my glasses, it was an emergency of epic proportions, there was no way I could go to my optometrist and wait a week for new glasses. I remembered that Alex had gone to lense crafters in Fairview. So I called them and made an appointment, I had to wait a day, luckily I had contacts so I wasn’t completely blind.

Saturday I went in, the optometrist remembered Alex, she told me what an amazing job I had done with my son. She said he was so nice, well spoken and respectful, she went on to say for someone so young to behave in such a manner was a pleasant surprise and she could tell I had raised him the right way.

As a mother I was beyond words, you always want to hear good things about your children, but to hear someone validate you as a parent, well it was a balm on my soul.

I love my new glasses, BTW, I ended up getting Ralph Lauren frames again, due to the fact they seem to be sturdier than other brands and I wear mine practically around the clock.  I need sturdy and pretty, it can be a hard combination to find.

The Irishman and I have decided that Vickery Park will be our place, we will be going back there, I have to admit it was a lot of fun.

Next week we are supposed to dry out, I can only hope so.


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