The Weekend Adventure

Turned on the television and what to my surprise Dirty Dancing was on, it is such a sweet, innocent movie. I know the title is misleading, but when I watch it, it is so innocent, Baby is, well, a baby really. A novice in the world, she just wants to help people while quietly rebelling against her suburban upbringing.

I think I like it so much because I was a bit of a rebel myself at that age, wanting to rebel against my country upbringing, I wanted to conquer the world.

I didn’t conquer anything, and everything I was rebelling against I went back to, except the country, I can’t live in the country. I can visit it, but I NEED to be near a city.

The bible was right, (huge surprise) train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

They may rebel for a while and go down a path that curves and twists, but then it straightens itself out. I often wonder if my parents would be proud of me, today, as I am, I guess I truly won’t know until I die. My grandpa, I really wonder about him, I was a total grandpa’s girl growing up. He was my first father figure, my first hero, my first role model, he could literally do no wrong in my eyes. To this day if someone told me he did wrong I would scoff in derision.

So, yesterday, I went with the Irishman to watch his beloved soccer team, Manchester United, play their last game of the season. We went back to Vickery Park for this event, once again, not disappointed with the food or the service. They really are awesome, I highly recommend them.

I met his soccer watching buddies, was not disappointed there either, what a group of characters! They were so fun to be around I may go next season as well just to watch and listen to them! From my vantage point, I sat at the bar, they all share such a deep comradery when it comes to this soccer team, they sang songs, laughed, yelled, cursed and drank their way through the game. And it was glorious to watch, I am glad I went, partly due to the fact they all loved me. But also to see the Irishman in his element, with his friends and doing what he loves doing most in the world.

Then it was on to spend time with more of his friends, ones that I have known for a few years now, always enjoyable to be around them. I laughed so hard that when I woke up this morning I thought I had done an ab workout yesterday!

Then home to collapse, drugged the Irishman up with Benadryl, he has a rash, an allergic reaction to something. Don’t know what as he didn’t tell me until I said why are you scratching so much. He is a man, I know that is generalizing, but it is generalized for a reason! They never admit something is wrong until one finds them face down in the dirt unable to move. An exaggeration of course, however, accurate.

Signing off on the Memorial Day, remembering the men and women who fought courageously for our country, and gave their lives so I could sit and write about my trivial thoughts. Today I salute you and the sacrifice you made for this country and for your families who now have to live life without your physical presence.


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