Looking Forward

2016 is looking like it is going to be a great year, for nerds and geeks everywhere, myself included. Let’s start with Batman vs Superman the Dawn of Justice. Introducing Wonder Woman to the mix. My head may explode, as you may know, or not know, I don’t know, I love the superhero mythology.
Before you say, what, those are comic book characters, I would say yes, they are, however there is a whole mythos that surrounds them. Wonder Woman literally, she comes from Amazonian warrior women, she is the daughter of Ares and Queen Hippolyta. Literally a Demi-goddess, in Greek Mythology. If you are not familiar with the backstory I suggest you google it, it is way too long to go into here.
Superman, let’s take a look at him, a super being sent to earth to save mankind, without the whole dying for us thing. There are so many similarities that it is also worth some research, the first book I suggest you read is The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. A fantastic read for everyone.
In it he delves into the human need for heroes, for a something, someone higher than a mere human. Our psyche is hardwired to look for something beyond ourselves, an explanation to our universe.
With the world in so much turmoil it is only natural we escape into the world of caped heroes, that we dream of our world being rescued by a being not of our world.
Of course this is not going to happen, I am a devout Christian and I do believe the end is coming, and humans are trying to hurry it along.
However, that does not stop me from loving the world of super heroes and heroines, my first love was Superman, I added Wonder Woman, Thor and Captain America as I grew. I also grew to love Science Fiction. I cut my teeth on Star Trek and Dr Who, and don’t even get me started on classic horror films and books. Frankenstein’s monster, The Wolf Man, and Dracula!
Of course we cannot forget my immense love affair with anything Joss Whedon, from Buffy to the Avengers, he is my geek crush of the century, well last century and this one.
I don’t believe it takes away from my Christianity to love these stories, I don’t love Christ any less, and I don’t believe they are real.
I still hold out hope for mankind, I still hold out hope that the Vulcans will eventually contact us. Although to be honest, reading the news and looking at the tabloids (purely in line at the supermarket) they will NEVER contact, especially if they monitor our airwaves, such as E! and all of the “reality” shows. Especially the ones on TLC, seriously, I’m embarrassed to be human sometimes.
I am excited for 2016, for so many reasons, but several stand out, Captain America Civil War and Batman vs Superman are two that jump to mind immediately.

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