My Review of the Rustic Cuff Business

I’m going to tell you something, something I don’t advertise or tell anyone that I do, to me it is a private thing and something that gives me great joy. Whenever I am in the drive-thru at Starbucks I pay for the person behind me. I know what you are thinking, what is the big deal, well I am telling you that because it parlays into what I am about to delve into.
I was raised to take Matthew 6:4 at it’s literal word, in case you have forgotten what it says: “Give your gifts in private, and your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.” My mother was a pro at this, I didn’t know she made quilt tops for homeless veterans until I was 16 years old and caught her and my dad loading them into the car to deliver to the woman who would distribute them.
I am also a Mary Kay Consultant, something else that will come into play as you will soon see. In Mary Kay we are taught the Golden Rule, if you don’t know it when you become a Consultant, you learn it in lesson one. For those of you not familiar with it: Matthew 7:12 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Pretty simple and clear cut. These are lessons we should all be learning as children, and they should not be a surprise to anyone as an adult.
Now, onto the heart of why I am telling you all this, there is a company in Tulsa called Rustic Cuff. The owner and creator of the business is a woman named Jill, her back story is well worth reading. It’s a great backstory, although, the majority of us in life have a great backstory. However, it takes a rare individual to take that story and make it a business, not only a business but a thriving one, especially one that is specialized.
You see the company makes and sells bracelets, and the owner is constantly giving them away. So now the women who buy them also give them away, they call it “gifting”. They imbue Jill with the attributes usually reserved for sainthood, I find it a little disconcerting.
Don’t get me wrong, what she has created is special and wonderful, she has taken a setback and created a business. She is adding to the economy of Tulsa, employing people and selling a much sought after item. But she is not in the league of a Mary Kay Ash or Ebby Halliday, yet, once she begins to employee more women and create more jobs without ceilings for them I will be more impressed.
You see in Mary Kay, we are taught about gifting, we give gifts with every purchase (the majority of us do), we also give a gift for having us in your homes. When we deliver product we have it wrapped prettily in a gift back with tissue. I have customers tell me that they look forward to my deliveries because even though they are paying for the product they feel like they are getting a gift.
Jill does give a lot of bracelets away, they have bracelets and cuffs, the followers call them all cuffs. They are not, they are bracelets, they buy them by the 100’s, from what I have seen. One woman posted that her husband (who is in the military and deployed) saw their bank account on line, called her and told her no more. She had spent roughly $400.00 on bracelets. Bracelets. The women then began commenting that she should spend more! I saw that and was floored, I thought can someone say divorce court.
I see women posting that they will have to feed their family fried bologna because they have spent too much on these things. They have to scrounge for rent or house payments, I just think to myself this is insane.
I have a few of these very attractive pieces, I will not be “gifting” any of them as I purchased ones that represent things in my life. I have also asked my children for one for Christmas, it is a true cuff and is a cutout of Oklahoma. Once again something that means something special to me.
I fully believe this woman is doing great things and is guided by the Golden Rule, from what I have seen she is very giving, very driven, high energy and family oriented. She is a rare breed of woman that God has blessed beyond measure and she is giving back. She gives back to the community at large, I have seen her do great things with this newfound fame she has garnered. I pray she continues and God continues to bless her, what I want to say to her followers, and they are followers, not mere customers, is that the near worship you have for her is a little scary. I have seen you post pictures of her children when they were out with their mother. I have seen you take pictures of Jill without her knowledge, with her in the background, some with her children in them. I have no words for that.
Please remember, this is a business, she is a business woman, with everything she is giving away, she is making a lot of money. This is not an altruistic business, it has a bottom line, however she seems to have her priorities in order, God, Family, Business. I pray she has continued success. I love seeing women succeed in business, but her premise is nothing new, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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