My Thoughts on The Force Awakens

I am filled with emotion right now, good, bad, angry, sad, elated, all spectrums of the emotional range, I am.
I just saw then new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, I am overwhelmed. This will be a spoiler free post, just in case you were wondering.
First of all, seeing the familiar and hearing the familiar, from John Williams unforgettable score, to Chewbacca’s signature, well, I have no words to describe his language, it was just incredible.
You can tell this film was done by someone who loves the whole Star Wars realm, which kinda pisses me off. Because this is the same person who did the reboot of another much beloved realm, Star Trek.
The differences between the two are glaring, J. J. Abrams himself admitted he was not a fan of ST, however was a huge fan of SW. I cannot begin to tell you how I wish ST had been entrusted to someone who loved it.
I am not going to put down the ST movies, as I did enjoy them for what they were, they were not my beloved ST, they were different.
However, having seen how he treats something he loves vs. how he treats something he has no heart in, well it leaves me angry.
I will be seeing TFA again, and again, and yet again, because it is just that good, not good, great, awesome, amazing. Lovingly crafted by someone who has respect, knowledge and a fondness for detail. This was a film, ST was a movie, huge difference.
My hopes are high for the new ST coming out, however, having seen the trailer, I am not holding out hope. Even though Simon Pegg has rushed to assure true fans of ST that the movie is nothing like the trailer and he, himself was disappointed with it.
I am one of those people that love both, Star Trek and Star Wars, I am more passionate about Star Trek. I readily admit that, Star Trek introduced me to space travel, it took me to places I will never be able to visit outside of my imagination. It gave me hope for the future of earth, like nothing else does, as the realities of this earth are getting closer to a nuclear meltdown.
Star Wars took me to a galaxy far, far away, where none of the characters were from earth, therefore not bound by human rules. It was old fashioned good vs. evil, and you can easily tell the good guys from the bad.
I love them both. I just wish the same person had not done both in this generation.

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