Ignorance vs Stupidity

I would rather meet someone ignorant than stupid, ignorance can be corrected, stupidity cannot. The dictionary defines ignorant as lacking in knowledge or training, the definition for stupidity is foolish or unintelligent. So you see, by definition, ignorance can be cured.
The reason for this is of course a Facebook post, someone re-posted something someone else posted without research. Now I am guilty of this myself, however, when corrected or someone posts the research as a comment I quickly correct my post.
The person posted something about a major retailer, it didn’t sound true, so I researched it and posted the research under it and said hey this isn’t true.
Their response was does it matter. Does it matter? Let’s think about this, you posted something that was erroneous and potentially harmful to the retailer. As it was quite vicious in it’s accusations. Plus, let’s add on the fact that the person portrays themselves to be a Christian.
So now we’ve got a violation of do not bare false witness and thou shall not lie, so yes, Virginia, it does matter.
It matters for so many reasons, first you are showing that you are not ignorant as you cannot learn, you are showing that you are stupid or foolish. Next it matters due to the fact if, a big if I admit, many people believe the vitriol it could hurt the major retailers’ business. That would mean layoffs, people losing their jobs and not being able to provide for their families. I know that’s a big supposition, however, it could happen.
After that, we have your immortal soul, do you really want this to be the thing you have to explain to God when you die? Because, contrary to popular belief, God can see everything you do, yes, even on the internet.
People think they are invisible or they forget that that God is omniscient, He sees all, He knows all. I have to admit, there will be quite a few things I have to answer for when I die, however baring false witness will not be one of them.
Choose what you post carefully, I try, I am not always successful, but I do try and I feel that if I am ignorant on a subject I will educate myself.
In the words of Judge Judy, Beauty is skin deep, Stupid is forever. Ignorance can be cured, stupidity cannot, and with the advent of the internet we are seeing stupidity overtake ignorance in a big way.
This is my advise to everyone, read, read then read some more, if you have any doubt on anything you read, then read more. Education is the key to fighting ignorance and warding off stupidity.

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