Take a Stand

Every news outlet tells us how divided our country is, divided by politics, gender, ethnicity and right to life. When I look at the news or Facebook, I start thinking they are right. If we are to believe everything we see on television and on line the United States of America is on the brink of another civil war.,
I have to say my personal experience is quite different. My neighborhood is very diverse. Black, white, Asian, Latino; I’ve seen no rioting in the streets.
My friendships include people from all walks of life, different political views, different religious beliefs and different levels of pigmentation. No rioting so far.
I work in a place that is all inclusive. Different religions, different ethnicities, different sexual orientations, different political views and different nationalities. No rioting in the cubicles.
If we are to believe every single thing the “news: (I use that word loosely) tells us, I should have not only seen but been in several bouts of fisticuffs by now.
I got nothing. Not even harsh words. You see, here’s the thing, and yes, there is always a thing; normal, everyday people with a modicum of common sense, well, we don’t behave that way.
We are civilized, we work around our differences, we have actual dialogues and show respect for one another. We can agree to disagree and go on with our daily tasks.
Now, on the internet, that is a whole different animal. People come out of their basement dwelling abodes to constantly show off their complete ignorance.
Case in point, there was a post on Facebook about our (yes our) new President.
I stated I would be praying for his success. I was vilified for this, I was called a gun totting bible thumper. I’ll take it. I don’t actually have a gun, but if I did, I can see me totting it. Also, I am a proud follower of Jesus Christ. You can call me bible thumper, Jesus freak or anything else you want. I’ll simply say thank you and move on.
However, this was my answer, I pray for every president, whether I voted for them or not. I prayed for President Obama, I prayed for President Bush, I prayed for President Clinton, I prayed for President Bush sr, I prayed for President Reagan and before him President Carter. Before that I was more interested in getting to my favorite swing before anyone else at recess.
Hoping that the President of the United States fails is like praying the bus you’re on crashes and burns with you in it.
It is up to us, the people of the United States of America to do the right thing. Always.
Take a stand, make a mark, stand United as one. We the people will overcome any and all obstacles as long as we remain United.
Consider yourself a musketeer.
Having said all of this I am more than willing to give President Trump a chance, he is already proving he has the people in his heart before even taking office. Working with corporations to not only keep jobs here in America, but to bring them back to U.S. soil.
As for you women donning vagina hats, you do not represent me. I have actual dignity, maybe not grace all of the time, but definitely dignity and you do not represent me. Take off your vagina hat and do something useful. Volunteer in a neighborhood that could use your passion, help feed people. Help clothe people and help children find a way out of poverty. Surely you want to show the world you are more than a vagina head.


Patriotism runs deep in my blood, I know I talk about that a lot, but it is worth repeating. Thomas Testerman fought for the independence of this country from England. We fought a revolution to throw off the tyrannical rule of a mad man. Mad King George, that was the moniker he was known by.
Unreasonable taxes were levied, unreasonable demands made, the ruler wanted to impose his empirical laws on a part of the world that was increasingly independent. That independence is what contributed to the making of this country.
I am going to choose to celebrate that instead of making this a political statement on what is happening today in this country.
Of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence 48 were born on American soil, 48, let that sink in. only 8 were born in Great Britain. Gwinnett Button and Robert Morris were born in England, Francis Lewis was born in Wales, James Wilson and John Witherspoon were born in Scotland, George Taylor and Matthew Thornton were born in Ireland and James Smith hailed from Northern Ireland.
The amount of people in this country that believe no one lived here until the Revolution astounds me. I am doing research on my grandmothers’ family and I am in the 1600’s and I still can’t find when they came here! They were born here!
Yes, I know, the Native Americans were here first, the Vikings were here as well, which is when I suspect her family first showed up.
We have been around for a long time; we have been through incredibly trying times together. Outside forces want us to implode, we cannot allow them to win.
At this time of the year patriotism should be at its highest, in light of the horrible things that have been done to our fellow countrymen, patriotism should be at an all-time high.
Our founding fathers were correct, all men are created equal, all people are created equal.
It is what we do with the opportunity The United States of America affords us. All of us.
As we are having our picnics, our cookouts, barbecues and watching fireworks, let us think of the men and women that bravely gave everything they had so we could have our freedoms.
From the Revolution to today, the bravery of the few keep the multitudes of us free, free to enjoy our unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
Never forget how and why we have those rights.

As always the thoughts and opinions expressed are mine, Angie, that’s why it’s called Angie World.
Any questions please feel free to email me angie@angieworld.com

Another Rant

So now it starts, I have seen it myself, posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, let the minority pour out.

By minority I mean the racists, the hateful people who have nothing better to do than to tear people down. Not only the racists a lot of what I am seeing is jealousy. Someone did something, achieved something, through hard work and perseverance that you could not. Or are unwilling to do.

You see we have a new Miss USA, she is Deshaun Barber Miss District of Columbia. And she is beautiful, physically yes, however in my eyes what makes her truly beautiful is her selfless decision to become an Army Reservist. She is in our Armed Forces. She protects our freedoms, she has made an oath to the United States of America to stand up for our freedoms, our way of life and our very lives.

I saw the side by side photos of her in her army fatigues and the one of her winning the title of Miss USA, in her ball gown. She is beautiful in both, but to me, the more telling one was the one of her in her fatigues.

Oh have I mentioned yet she happens to have a little bit of a darker pigmentation to her skin than I have? Oh, I thought it was implied with the racists coming out of the woodwork comment.

The thing I find most upsetting is that now on Facebook I am seeing all white people, or the people who are pigmentation challenged, let’s be politically correct shall we, being lumped into one category. Racist.

How did I earn that title? Why are we being lumped into one category?

Am I allowed to ask my friends that? Do you view me in the same vein that you are posting about? All white people are racists. Is that how I am seen? Have I done something I don’t know about to give you that impression? Please tell me.

When I see a person I don’t judge you based on something you had no control over at birth. Your eye color, your skin color, your height (although freakishly tall people scare me a little, not scare freak me out), shoe size, and other things that you had absolutely no control over at birth.

I think by now we all know I am a pretty judgy person, I try not to be but it’s there. Here is a list of things I judge on:



Grammar (I’m trying not to be so judgmental here, but it’s difficult)

Shoe style, I mean seriously if you are into Crocs, we can’t even.

I mainly judge on morality, integrity, loyalty those matter to me more than a person’s skin tone, hair color, what car they drive and yes even their taste in footwear.


So if you are one of the people in the world who look at someone and judge them purely by things they had no control over at birth, shame on you. No matter your skin color, you should not be judging someone by theirs.

Judge on things people can control, judge yourself by things you can control.

I am hardest on myself, things I can control, my reactions to things happening beyond my control. My footwear, my hair color, my fashion choices and my choice to always do the right thing even when no one is looking.

I will always do my best to do what is right, my dad instilled that into me, if you always do what is right and have morals then you can always pay the price for that.

Hold your head up in great pride Miss USA Deshaun Barber, you are a great example for EVERY little girl in our country right now. You truly are an American Warrior Queen, I cannot imagine there is anyone out there in this moment and time who deserves the title of Miss USA more. You represent us in a way that no one has before, you have pledged not only to represent the USA you have pledged to protect the United States of America.

I look forward to seeing what you do with your future, I foresee great things for you.

As always I can be contacted at angie@angieworld.com


United We Stand

So much horror in the world, brutal, horrible, terrible things happening and yet people still find time to be petty, small minded and mean-spirited. It’s horrifying really, the small things that I witness, women who can’t seem to understand that they should find a man that is free and clear instead of choosing ones that are taken.

Backbiting, backstabbing, being just ugly towards one another, it is rampant, only we can turn the tide. Politicians can’t do it, world leaders can’t do it, even church leaders can’t do it, only the people can.

Us, we are the people, we are the ones that can change this world, we don’t have to wait for an election, we don’t have to wait for Jesus to come back. Do we, as Christians, seriously want him to come back and find us like this?

I, myself, have been judged (by me) and the jury has come back and I have been found guilty of doing some of these things. Not the man thing, that is just not coded into my DNA, but the pettiness, the judging people on outward appearances. Judging people on speech patterns, no not speech patterns, that’s wrong, grammar, that one stays. We have all gone to school, we have all had the same elementary to high school opportunities in this country. I will especially judge if you are a college graduate and it will be brutal if you are a teacher and make these common mistakes.

I cannot seem to change that about myself, I believe that is coded into my DNA as well, my mom told me once that during the sermon she would take apart the preachers grammar. She said that she was shocked by the lack of grammatical skills he had. She said she happily did this every Sunday, until one-day God hit her on the head. She realized she was missing what he was saying, she was so busy being judgmental she missed the message.

Man this is a hard one, I so want to be a grammar policewoman, but on the other hand, my mothers lesson stays with me. Am I missing what people are trying to impart by being so judgmental?

Yes, yes I am, it will still bother me, a lot, but I am going to try and look past the grammatical errors and really see and hear what the other person is trying to impart to me. They might have real words of wisdom, God might even be trying to tell me something through someone else, I have been so busy being superior that I have missed it. Shame on me. I should have learned my mothers lesson long ago.

In this world of terror, we seem to live in, let us, the people, really listen to one another, not rhetoric, not double-speak, but each other. We have so much more in common than we do differences. Let’s not be divided as a people by rabble-rousers, let’s not judge on speech patterns, idiosyncrasies or by regional division. Divided we fall, United we stand. The UNITED States of America. That is what we are, as one, as a people, no matter our skin tone, no matter our way of speaking, no matter our accents, no matter our manner of dressing and no matter which part of the country we live in.

United we Stand. So, let’s stop the judging, start the healing and start some conversations about where we want to go as one.


Saying Goodbye

Nancy Reagan will be laid to rest today next to her beloved husband President Ronald Reagan. Hearing of her passing hit me hard, I loved Ronald Reagan, that is no secret, I think he was a great American, an excellent president (although who wouldn’t have shined after the disaster that was Jimmy Carter) and together they were an amazing example of romantic love.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan reminded me of my parents in so many ways, they were happiest when they were together. They made each other laugh, they protected each other and they were perfectly happy alone.

When President Reagan died I watched his funeral and sat on the floor and bawled (no, not cried, yes, bawled) like a big fat baby. I was a blubbering mess, what pushed me over the edge was watching Nancy Reagan at his casket not wanting to leave him. She was genuinely bereft and the pain in her eyes was palpable.

I saw the same look in my mothers’ eyes 11 years before, when my dad passed away. The same pain, the same intense longing to go where he was.

My heart broke into a thousand pieces for her, not only for that moment but for the years leading to his death.

Alzheimer’s is not an easy disease to live with and I believe it is even harder on the caregivers. You have to watch your loved one sink slowly into an abyss where you cannot follow. She lost him a lot sooner than his physical body gave out, she never lost his soul.

When my mother was lucid she would tell me she wanted to go home and be with her daddio (her nickname for my dad). I knew what she meant, she wanted to go to heaven, home is our word for heaven. We don’t speak of death we speak of going home.

Nancy Reagan is finally home, with her beloved Ronald, what a great day it is for her. What a sad day for us, we have lost an icon of a generation that loved with their whole heart, that believed in the greatness of America and believed we truly are the greatest place in the entire world.

We lost someone that showed us what true love really looks like, although I had that example in my home, others were not so lucky. The Reagans showed us by example what loyalty looks like.

I am sad today with the laying of rest to a great woman, a great American and an excellent example of class, loyalty and perseverance.


The Story of Thomas Testerman

I have a need to write this out, it is how the first Testerman came to America, this is the story that both my grandfather and my dad told me. I would like any Testerman’s out there that find this to add their story as well, all of the ones I have ever met all have the same story so far. So here goes:
Thomas Testerman came to America fighting on the side of the British, he was a Prussian mercenary, he was more than likely born in deep poverty as rich men did not become mercenaries.
He came here in 1774, was actually captured at Ticonderoga, the American officers came to the imprisoned mercenaries and told them if they fought for them at the end of the war they would give them land. They would be able to stay. Thomas took them up on that offer and never looked back, legen says he was given a valley in Virginia. One of my brothers was stationed in Virginia when he was in the army and actually found them, and they did have our story.
Thomas had 3 sons, only one would inherit, the oldest, one went to upper state New York to seek his future and the other went west. The one that went west, well that is mine, eventually that line settled in Missouri then moved to Oklahoma during one of the land rushes.
An interesting side note, I understand the Testerman’s and the Livesay family married each other, a lot, if you look up Livesay, they were the premier wagon builders in the country in the 1700’s and 1800’s.
Well that is the story of Thomas Testerman, I even named my youngest son after him, so proud he had the courage to better himself and so happy he took a chance on an untried country and settled here. I wonder if he can see what his progeny has done with the opportunities we have all due to him.


I am self medicating this morning, with strong doses of coffee and music from my era, Boston, Journey, Andy Gibb and of course The Bay City Rollers. Some mornings these things are needed more than others, this is one of those. Last night was good, I stopped by my friend Wanda’s after work and that is always a good time. I told her my Scott Baio story; I thought she was going to pass out from laughing so hard. It’s a good story and I tell it well, if you are a really good friend and offer me a cookie I might tell you the story.
This morning is really good coffee, the Irishman made it, and yes Jess, I am too lazy to make my own darn coffee. He makes it better than I do, I don’t even know how he does it, he will not reveal his secret to me. I will ferret it out, never fear, Angie is on the job.
Today is sweater dress and boot day; if you are following me on Twitter or Instagram you can see the boots. Oh I posted on Facebook as well, I do love my boots. Seriously, is there anything better than a really good sweater dress and boots? I love boot season! I ordered two new sweater dresses I hope they get here soon. Sweater dress season only lasts a minute here in Texas; I plan on taking full advantage. Soon I will be too old for sweater dresses; no one wants to see an 80 year old woman in a sweater dress. Ugh. I know I don’t want to see myself at that age dressed inappropriately.
Right now I am listening to America, Daisy Jane, I seriously love that song, it can do no wrong in my eyes, or ears I should say. You all should listen to it, it really is amazing, if you do listen please share your thoughts on the song with me.
I have decided to focus on the positive that I see in people, acts of kindness that restore my faith in mankind. It’s easier this time of year to find those acts of kindness because everyone wants to do something at Christmas, I do believe I will hold off on my search until January, after the warm fuzzy thoughts of Christmas time have passed. 2013 will be the year of humanity; I have to believe that, the year that we truly look at each other and see that we are all the same. No matter the color of our skin, the religion we practice, we all want the same things in life. A better life for our children than we had safety, love, compassion and understanding. I shall strive to be a better human in 2013 that is my New Years resolution; I rarely make them due to the fact that I cannot keep them. However I am confident I can keep this one. I am not quite sure how I will become a better human as I am a pretty darn good one right now. I shall keep you posted on my efforts.

The Music of our Generation

I’m so glad I grew up listening to groups like America, Kiss, The Bay City Rollers, The Commodores, Alice Cooper, Michael Murphy, Todd Rundgren, Johnny Cash and a host of other groups and singers. Music has been the biggest influence in my life, if no one has ever heard the song Daisy Jane by America; I suggest you give it a listen. It is a delight, the perfect blend of harmonies and tones, I could listen to it over and over, and I have.
I listen to all genres of music, from orchestra to rap, some country thrown in; music has been there in my heartbreak, my girlish dreams, my victories in life, the birth of my children. Every aspect of my life has its own background music, its theme songs and the songs I have cried to, the ones that spoke my life story even before I knew what it was.
For as long as I can remember music has been there, waiting for me to discover something new or go back to something old. Music has the magical qualities that allow me to indulge in time travel, to lift me up or to allow me to wallow a little in self pity.
The music being made today (and I still love it) is not the same, however, every generation has its voice, its theme music. I just don’t know how, in thirty years, an adult will be proud that Justin Beiber sang the soundtrack to their life. I just don’t know how they will hold their heads up; I guess we will see if he holds to the test of time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Brittney Spears, Pink, Backstreet Boys and several others, even those have been around about 15 years. I am not loving some of the current ones, however I find myself really loving Elle Goulding, her song lights is a wonder.
I rarely put someone down for their musical tastes, instead I ask them to share and see if there is a common ground. Typically, anyone who truly loves music can find something in common, a melody, a chorus, an arrangement, or just the pure love of music. It is able to sooth the savage beast, tame the wildest heart, calm a crying child, and help a 16 year old girl through her first heartbreak. Music has magical properties that we mere humans will never completely understand.

Thank You

On this Memorial Day I would like to take a moment and thank the men and women who have given their lives so that we all may enjoy freedom. I would like to thank the Revolutionary war soldier who was fighting for an idea, not an actuality, fighting for the life he wanted his children and grandchildren to enjoy. The freedom to self govern, the freedom to say anything they wanted without fear of punishment. The freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I thank you so much for the legacy you left to us here in this great country.

To the men and women who came after you, who continued to fight for our freedoms, on our home soil and abroad, I thank you. Your courage and fortitude amaze me, you leave me in awe of your personal sacrifices so that we, here at home, may know what it is like to live with no sacrifices. I thank the families of the men and women who have served our nation, without your sacrifice we would not have this freedom.

I owe a great deal to all who have come before me, it is a debt that can never be repaid, all I can do is simply say thank you. Thank you for your bravery, thank you for your courage, thank you for your service, thank you for your life.

God bless and keep all of our service men and women, God Bless America.

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