Take a Stand

Every news outlet tells us how divided our country is, divided by politics, gender, ethnicity and right to life. When I look at the news or Facebook, I start thinking they are right. If we are to believe everything we see on television and on line the United States of America is on the brink of another civil war.,
I have to say my personal experience is quite different. My neighborhood is very diverse. Black, white, Asian, Latino; I’ve seen no rioting in the streets.
My friendships include people from all walks of life, different political views, different religious beliefs and different levels of pigmentation. No rioting so far.
I work in a place that is all inclusive. Different religions, different ethnicities, different sexual orientations, different political views and different nationalities. No rioting in the cubicles.
If we are to believe every single thing the “news: (I use that word loosely) tells us, I should have not only seen but been in several bouts of fisticuffs by now.
I got nothing. Not even harsh words. You see, here’s the thing, and yes, there is always a thing; normal, everyday people with a modicum of common sense, well, we don’t behave that way.
We are civilized, we work around our differences, we have actual dialogues and show respect for one another. We can agree to disagree and go on with our daily tasks.
Now, on the internet, that is a whole different animal. People come out of their basement dwelling abodes to constantly show off their complete ignorance.
Case in point, there was a post on Facebook about our (yes our) new President.
I stated I would be praying for his success. I was vilified for this, I was called a gun totting bible thumper. I’ll take it. I don’t actually have a gun, but if I did, I can see me totting it. Also, I am a proud follower of Jesus Christ. You can call me bible thumper, Jesus freak or anything else you want. I’ll simply say thank you and move on.
However, this was my answer, I pray for every president, whether I voted for them or not. I prayed for President Obama, I prayed for President Bush, I prayed for President Clinton, I prayed for President Bush sr, I prayed for President Reagan and before him President Carter. Before that I was more interested in getting to my favorite swing before anyone else at recess.
Hoping that the President of the United States fails is like praying the bus you’re on crashes and burns with you in it.
It is up to us, the people of the United States of America to do the right thing. Always.
Take a stand, make a mark, stand United as one. We the people will overcome any and all obstacles as long as we remain United.
Consider yourself a musketeer.
Having said all of this I am more than willing to give President Trump a chance, he is already proving he has the people in his heart before even taking office. Working with corporations to not only keep jobs here in America, but to bring them back to U.S. soil.
As for you women donning vagina hats, you do not represent me. I have actual dignity, maybe not grace all of the time, but definitely dignity and you do not represent me. Take off your vagina hat and do something useful. Volunteer in a neighborhood that could use your passion, help feed people. Help clothe people and help children find a way out of poverty. Surely you want to show the world you are more than a vagina head.

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