Het Up

There are a couple of things that I need to get off my chest as it were.
The very first thing is the giftgate as I call it, before I get started, this is not political, as most people are making it.
Melania Trump brought Michelle Obama a gift on inauguration day. Not just any gift, a Tiffany gift.
Anyway, she brought a gift, a very kind gesture from where I sit, and Mrs. Obama accepted the gift, now this is where a lot of people start in. On both sides.
When I saw the video of the exchange, I thought it was very sweet, the new First Lady bringing a gift to the exiting First Lady.
When Mrs. Obama accepted the gift, she then turned, and to me, it looked as if she were looking for an aide to take the gift. There was no one there, I saw a look of confusion, her husband then stepped in and took the gift and gave it to an aide.
The only one at fault here, in my opinion, is the aide, the aide should have come forward and asked would you like me to put the gift up until you are ready for it. Instead they left Mrs. Obama there to look around for help.
From what I am reading on the internet people on the right are saying Mrs. Obama was ungrateful and had a sour look on her face. I am going to defend that here, when I am looking for something or someone or trying to solve a problem I have that same look on my face. I have had people ask me why I’m angry. I am always taken aback, I’m not angry, I’m trying to find whatever or whoever it is.
People on the Left are saying Mrs. Trump should not have brought a gift. I find that incredibly inane. I thought it was thoughtful and kind. I hope it is a tradition that is picked up by future First Ladies. Bringing a gift to the exiting woman. You are essentially moving into what has been her home for the past 4 to 8 years.
If women are supposed to be for other women, then we should not be tearing these two down.
Next up, Planned Parenthood, can we just defund this now? I am tired of people saying that this institution is all about the health of poor women. If it is all about poor women, how are they making a profit? And since they are making a profit, they don’t need our money! They are making a profit, any entity that can afford to make political contribution of $1,073,464.00 doesn’t need federal funding.
So now we will no long be funding foreign abortions and that makes me happy. My tax dollars should not pay for abortions on foreign soil.
Those are the two things I’m het up about today.
Any comments, complaints or anything else can be sent to angie@angieworld.com

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