The Perfect Coffee

To say I love coffee is an understatement, I am enamored, over the moon, head over heels for coffee. There is no hyperbole too big to describe how I feel about coffee. We have an ongoing love affair that will stand the test of time.
That being said, my experimentations have resulted in the best cup of coffee I have ever had. I shall now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, share my recipe for love with all of you.
First you need honey, I use Nature Nate’s Raw Unfiltered local honey. I always suggest you use local, you will reap the most benefits from it.
First put the honey in the cup, then take cinnamon, make sure you mix it really well. If you mix the cinnamon with the honey it eliminates the pesky issue of the cinnamon just floating around., Plus, because it is mixed so well, the cinnamon taste is so much better.
You will then want to pour your coffee into the cup, leaving enough room at the top for what comes next.
I have created my own half and half, I use coconut milk, the real stuff, you will find it in the Asian aisle at the grocery store. It is in a can, you will need to open it and mix it up, as it does separate and forms cream, I always open from the bottom of the can and pour the liquid out first, then scoop out the cream. I then blend it in my nutribullet. It’s just easier that way.
Now for this next part, for full disclosure, I have a Nespresso that has the milk warmer with it. I pour some coconut milk in and SO Delicious coconut coffee creamer in. Sometimes I put a little cinnamon in this as well. Then I let it heat and mix together, as it does froth the concoction.
Next I pour the “half and half” into the coffee and choose my spot in the house and fully enjoy my nirvana.
There you have it, the perfect cinnamon/honey coffee. Which translates to heaven.

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