Another Monday

The weekend is over and I survived the weekend without Nocona, it was hard, it’s hard coming into my home, I sit in the car not wanting to come in because she is not here to greet me. It is hard going to bed because she is not at the end of it or right next to me. It is hard waking up because she is not there to wake up with me, eat eggs with me and have coffee with me. I just miss her so much.
Stormie won’t sleep with me, I tried putting her on the bed, I had to wrestle with her to pick her up and then she just looked at me like I was crazy and jumped off the bed. Oh well, maybe tonight.
I do really like waking up at a normal hour, 7am is so much better than 4am, coffee, funnies, Dear Abby and a few Bejeweled Blitz and I am good. This week is going to be easier, I know it, maybe I’ll go back to store on Thursday night, see if I can get hit on again. Maybe not, unless I actually have to go.
Having Tess here Friday and Saturday was good, she is a breath of fresh air, so full of energy and life, I love having that little girl with me. She is bright, funny, smart and so very pretty, she is a true credit to both of her parents.
Well, that’s all I have for now, I hope you all have a great Monday.

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