United Way Carnival

I am not ready to write about the Real Housewives of New Jersey yet, I am still processing, was incredibly upset that Jacqueline was not there. She is my ultimate favorite; I believe she has taken enough from Teresa. Good for her for standing up for herself. Ok, I said I wouldn’t write about it and I am not.
Today is the huge carnival at Lakeside, I am very excited about this, it is a large building with great supporters. I am so happy we will not only be selling things but creating a fun atmosphere that will hopefully make their workday a little brighter. Friday was so much fun in my building, with the DJ, the food, the games and the atmosphere of enjoyment. I received many comments from co-workers about how much fun they had and how pleasant the workday had been. That totally made all of the effort worth it.
We have a great basket for raffle today; it is a pound of Starbucks coffee, a Fiat travel mug, with two fiat baseball hats. Come one, come all this great basket could be yours for the purchase of a dollar ticket! Of course we have our spa basket still selling raffle tickets, $195.00 gift certificate to a spa in Allen, TX. I am trying my best to win that one! That will be drawn on Thursday the 20th, so hurry and get your tickets.
The new schedule at work was announced, I did get my schedule change, I will be working 9am to 6pm Monday thru Friday beginning November 14th. It will take some getting used to; I have been doing the 5am tour for about 2 years now. Wish me luck! I am off to have a fabulous day, I wish the rest of you an amazing day as well!

Best Jeans Day

I am thinking of getting acrylic nails, my nails are doing strange things, they are folding inward. I have tried googling this strange thing, but am not coming up with anything concrete. I am thinking the only way to straighten them out is to have acrylic overlaid on them. Any thoughts, anyone else have this happen to them? Is it getting older? I don’t remember my mom or grandma having this. Any help is appreciated.
So this past weekend was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that I have found the perfect pair of jeans. I broke down and went jean shopping, actually I found them at Ross, yes, Ross. They are Levi’s and they fit phenomenally well, hopefully they will fit for a month or so, until more weight is lost. I really only have three pairs of jeans that fit now, two of them are Levi’s.
I remember as a teenager if you did not have Levi’s you were no one, and they had to be the button up fly, not the zip. The only way you could get the button up fly was in the men’s dept. I kept those jeans forever, they were the most comfortable and figure flattering jeans I have ever owned. The pair I found on Saturday is also very figure flattering. I look so amazingly good in these jeans, or at least I think I do which is really all that matters, what I think. I am still contemplating Botox on my neck region, I don’t know if that is possible. I know people get Botox all over their face, is it possible to get it in your neck? Or do I just need a whole facelift at this point? That is the question. My picture is on my last post here, you be the judge.
In this youth obsessed society I find I am not so much obsessed with looking younger, I just want to look my best. I have two fears in getting older, one is being bald and the other is being as wrinkled as my grandmother was. Don’t get me wrong I loved my grandmother beyond anything, she was my best friend, however, she was really wrinkled. It stemmed from years in the sun picking cotton, no sun screen back in the early 1900’s. I was a sun worshipper in the 1970’s and the 80’s, so yes I am worried. About skin cancer and wrinkles, both run in my family.


Since I am trying to get back to being myself, I am going to focus on one positive thing a day. Today is my new t-shirt. Yes, I said it; I actually bought a t-shirt, something that I never do. I am not a t-shirt wearing kind of woman. But this one, well this one caught my eye, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was wearing it on the view and I had to have it, immediately. I went onto Google, actually found the shirt and ordered it that night. It came Thursday, and I wore it on Friday. It says girl power and has a picture of Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl. It is amazing. I am actually going to post a photo on here, something I never do, but you all have to see it! I look amazing in it as well.
As you all probably have figured out if you have read me for any length of time, I am a huge superhero fanatic, and Wonder Woman in particular is my favorite female hero. I have dressed up like her, I have her boots, and I totally rocked that costume. Much to Elizabeth Anne’s embarrassment, but I figure as a mother, it is my job to embarrass my children at least once in their lifetime. Wonder Woman is strong, beautiful, independent, great clothes, kickin’ boots and let’s face it an amazing fashion sense.
Also, on an upbeat note, I won the coffee basket at work yesterday! Of course I only bought $15.00 worth of tickets, but it was totally worth it! So excited, it is a pound of Starbucks Iced-coffee with a Venti size re-fillable container, I cannot wait to go and get the beans ground and begin having my favorite iced coffee at home.
So many positives, so little time to report them, till next time peeps, peace out.

First Love

I am going back to my very first love, ever, yes I am talking about television. Television has always been there for me, pacifying me, entertaining me and yes educating me. My earliest memories include television, the first time I fell in love with a boy band, The Jackson Five on American Bandstand, the first time I learned about space travel, Star Trek, the first time I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up, thank you Elizabeth Montgomery.
This season is not disappointing, first up Ringer, this show not only brings back Sarah Michelle Gellar, it brings her back in a strong female role. Which she carries off beautifully, I have missed Buffy sorely and this show is filling a void. I love it, it has so many twists and turns you really have to pay attention to keep up.
Next up is Revenge, a simple premise really, exacting revenge on the ones that have done you harm in your life, it is something we, as humans crave. However, we rarely get the satisfaction of witnessing. This girl is taking vengeance on everyone that harmed her and her father. It is fantastical to watch, the high tech gimmicks mixed with the human emotions are a perfect blend.
American Horror Story is absolutely amazing, well written, well acted and just plain old fashioned spooky. For those of you who like the supernatural, the unexplained and well just like being scared; this is the show for you. I will not go into details, just watch! I love this show; it is my guilty pleasure this season. I didn’t think I would like it, but I love Connie Britton and wanted my fix as Friday Night Lights is null and void.
I love television, I always have, and I suspect I always will, I am not one of those people that pretend I am above television. At times it has been my touchstone, my friend my one constant in my life. I hope I will always have it.

Someone is Watching

How does one let go of anger? That is the question of the day, I find myself so angry lately, it is not healthy. I have to learn to let certain things go, and I am having issues doing so.
When people think they are never going to be caught they do things that if they thought they would be held accountable they would never think of doing. I firmly believe that when I die, not only is God going to hold me accountable but I will also have to answer to my mom and dad and grandparents. I am more worried about what my mom will say to me than God. I have to be honest about that. It keeps me from doing a lot of things I should not do, but want to do. Some people should be grateful for that.
For the people who have nothing to keep them in check, no belief system, well they are the ones that do the horrible things. They have no remorse, no guilt, no conscience, they have no morals.
I am not talking about people who do things then are repentant, they have spoken to God, answered for whatever it is, and are moving on. Those are not the ones this is about, this is about the people who contentiously do the wrong thing. The hurtful thing, the thing they think they wont get caught doing. Someone is watching, no, not big brother, but someone. I believe in a higher power, I do believe that eventually what you do catches up with you and you do pay a hefty price for your actions. Which is why I try not to purposefully do anything that is going to get me the mom look when I do see my mother again. I also do not want my dad shaking his head at me, that was always so harsh. For me. As for my grandpa and grandma and great-aunt Effie, I do not want the first words they say to me to be “What were you thinking? We raised you better than that.” If you are doing something that you know to be the wrong thing, and you think no one is watching, think again. Someone will always find out. It is better to stop, drop and roll. I use that because you are playing with fire and are about to get burned. Not by me, I don’t have the energy for that, my energy is being directed toward something more positive these days. Oh look, my anger is gone, wow, this is cathartic. Happy Monday everyone!

Cowboy Justice

Cowboy justice, only in America does that term apply, it brings images of men on horses with rifles. But in reality cowboy justice was swift, it asked no questions and in almost all instances ended with the perpetrator dying.
There was no talk of appeals, no talk of innocent until proven guilty, they knew who was guilty and meted out punishment. Some people today are appalled by that type of justice, how could we as human beings do something so barbaric? The barbaric gene is alive and well in humanity. We see it every day in most cultures, it has even stayed with us, one of the more civilized societies on the planet. Does its existence hamper us or does it enable us to continue on as a society?
The death penalty for example is seen by many as barbaric, however, I am a supporter of the death penalty. I fully believe an eye for an eye justice, I do not believe that all people can be rehabilitated. If that makes me barbaric then so be it. I am here to tell you right now that if someone hurt one of my children or my grandchildren I would be on them like a duck on a June bug. I am happy to be living in a state that still has the death penalty for such people.
And speaking of barbaric, wouldn’t it be more barbaric to allow such people to live and have access to more victims? If you are civilized, why would you want the uncivilized among you? And if that part of society ever wins out, then I propose that we have two camps, you all can have the murderers and the rapist, we will take the barbarians.

Whale or Mermaid

What I am about to say is going to offend people, and well frankly, I don’t care. There is a picture of a plus size model who is naked going around on Facebook and other networking sites with the story of a woman who goes on and on about wanting to be a whale instead of a mermaid. Well, I don’t want to see that fat naked woman, yes, I said it, fat and naked. I can see that when I look in the mirror, that is why I choose not to look in the mirror when I have no clothes on. I don’t want to be a whale, nor do I want to be a mermaid. What I would like to be is a fit, healthy woman, who fits comfortably in a size 4. I don’t care how hated that makes me, I don’t care that I offend people. I am not going to embrace being fat, it is not healthy to have fat surrounding your heart, lungs, kidneys or other organs in your body. To call yourself curvy, a real woman (yes I am sick of that one, simply because I am not a size 16 does not make me unreal) or whatever euphemism is out there does not make you healthy. I battle with weight constantly and have since I hit puberty, I have friends who battle it, however I do not see them embracing being unhealthy, they are all concerned about their health. I do something to battle my weight issues, I am currently incorporating the Weight Watcher lifestyle into my eating habits. It works, I have said it before and I will say it again, if you have issues of that nature, there is an app for that. There are even free ones, MyFitnessPal is a good one.
I really don’t care to see the whale story anymore, nor do I want to see the fat naked plus sized model again. I am not a whale, I am not a mermaid, I am simply a woman trying to live a long, healthy life, the way my grandmother did. I want to see my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and many greats after that.


There are some days that writing is a tough prospect, not because I have nothing to say, quite the opposite, I have too much to say. So much that cannot be said in a public forum, it would be bad form to do so. So silently I sit, my fingers unable to tell the tale.
So on to things I can talk about, United Way fund raising is going great, we are well towards our goal. If anyone is interested in purchasing a jersey please let me know, I will get you the information. Also, if you are interested in donating raffle items I would also greatly appreciate it and it is a tax write off!
I am thinking of changing jobs, not companies mind you, but jobs, I find that I am really needing a change. I would love to go back to clerical work, not a clerk, because they make no money. However I would love to be an assistant to an executive. I know I would be good at it, I am very good at organizing and delegating, two important traits. I am also very good at not being intimidated by titles, therefore no one would get through without being on the schedule. Another plus, I have all the right clothes for it, I have this amazing BCBG black pencil skirt that would be perfect office attire, paired with a simple white blouse and my red Carlos Santana pumps, well, perfection. I think I will put that on my resume.
Ok folks, tons to do today, I will chat with you all later, oh best news EVER, Detroit won their division, so the Rangers play here Saturday, which means, TESSA time! Woo Hoo! Oh, how could I forget this is also OU/Texas weekend, GO SOONERS!

At Long Last, New Boot Day

Today is Wednesday and once again I have started New Boot Wednesday, I am very excited about this. I have rockin boots on, with a cute skirt, I am ready for fall. If I dress for fall and winter it will come, I am convinced. I hate the heat, I long for the cold and wet and above all else snow. I long for snow, I know my emotional state would go back to normal if it snowed. I am very fragile right now, the least thing makes me cry. I am beginning to hate commercials and I really hate sappy shows right now.
Last night was Ringer, on the CW, and let me tell you, Sarah Michelle Gellar is outstanding, this role is perfect for her. I suggest everyone watch it, we are three episodes in and I am sold on it. I love this time of year, you get so much bang for your buck, it is boot season, the weather is cooler and we finally have new television shows and new episodes of returning shows. I cannot wait for Bones to come back on, that is one of my favorites. It is so good to see so many Whedon alumni’s on the air this season. Best of luck to all of them.
I hope everyone has a great new boot day, a good Wednesday and a fantastic Hump day!

More Angie and the Irishman

I always said I would never marry again, the first marriage traumatized me so much, I didn’t trust anyone, not men, not women, no one. It took a long time for me to even date, I divorced in 1993 and the Irishman was the first man I had seriously dated since. There had been dates, but nothing that lasted beyond a 2nd or 3rd date. No, he was the first serious contender. And to be honest, I never really thought of marriage to him. I was happy dating, I thought we were committed, why ruin it.
Actually I never thought about it, not even with a why ruin it, I would tease about running away to Vegas to our co-workers because that was fun to see the looks on their faces. But I was never serious. He asked several times, over the years, in text message, on twitter once, and once in a facebook game.
Then came our two year anniversary, he took me to eat at my favorite restaurant, Mexican of course, then off to see TSO in concert. I had on a great outfit, with amazing shoes. He kept acting squirrely all night, saying things like, two years is a long time, and we have been dating a while. I would say yes, it is and we have. Then after the concert, in the parking garage, in his car, he took the ring box out of his jacket pocket and said oh there’s one more thing, will you marry me. I took the ring and stared at it for a long time, and then told him I was going to say yes, but wanted him to know it would be a long engagement. Years in fact. He said he understood. Said I made him the happiest man on earth that I was the love of his life, the one he was meant to be with. His destiny.
So here we are almost two years later, I am still engaged to the Irishman, I still don’t know about getting married. We live together, we have a tentative date of this New Years Eve, however if it happens it won’t be a wedding, it will be us getting married and having a party later to celebrate with our friends and family.

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