Full Moon

Is it just me or does everyone expect to see Oz when they walk outside and it is a full moon? No? Just me? This morning when I walked outside the moon was amazing, so full, so beautiful, so enticing and so very bright. One understands why humans have been fascinated with the moon since the beginning of time.
But the moon has a bad reputation as well; it gets blamed for turning men into hairy beasts once a month, and for turning women into raving lunatics. What is it about the moon that it is credited with and blamed for so much? Why are we so fascinated? I can’t speak for all mankind all I can speak for is myself, so here goes.
I love the moon because it reminds me that everything has a beginning as well as an ending, the moon signifies a newness for me. Renewal, renewal of the rotation of the earth; renewal of my own emotional well being. When it snows and the moon is out my soul is soothed, there is a peacefulness that cannot be found at any other time of the year. As you all know I love the snow, there is nothing like it, it is the great equalizer. When the snow covers everything it is beautiful, a wonderland of purity, when the moonlight is bouncing off of it, giving a bluish glow, it is Gods way of saying all is right with the world.
I can hardly wait for snow, I hope it snows like it did last year, it was amazing, and lasted so long, it was a gift, I know most did not see it that way, but I did. Snow and coffee are God’s greatest gifts to me, they both sooth my soul and let’s me know all is right with the world. The moon is an added bonus to those two things. A combination of all three is quite heady indeed.

One Reply to “Full Moon”

  1. You know… there is a great joke here about the moon, Artemis, and man wanting what it can’t have here…. but it is just not coming. Assume I found it and go with that for a comment here.
    And since Oz was said raving lunatic when the full moon was out, and I do not particularly have a deathwish…. yeah, it is just you.


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