My Brush with Fame, Thank You @AllCharisma

So, last night, the most exciting thing happened, and yes, I am going to share with you, with some background information. As most of you know, I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s offshoot Angel, mainly I loved the character Cordelia Chase, which translates to a love of Charisma Carpenter who played her.
Well, last night, I was watching the Lying Game, the show Charisma Carpenter is on now, and she tweeted for all of her “frans” (combination friends and fans, her word, not mine) to retweet something about the show. So I did, and added that it was nice to see her on a weekly basis again. She retweeted my retweet! How cool is that! So of course I text Elizabeth Anne immediately to tell her what happened. She in turn tweeted something about it, and Ms Carpenter retweeted Elizabeth! Such a nice person, so everyone watch her new show The Lying Game on ABC Family.
I forgot to tell everyone the best part of the weekend, I got carded while buying the Irishman Guinness! How amazing is that? At my age! I am going to buy alcohol all the time now, until they stop carding me.
So if you follow me on twitter check out my retweet from @AllCharisma!

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