My Dogs and the Story of Gremlin

I really have two of the best dogs in the world, one of them lets me know I am the one in charge and the other brings me back down to earth, letting me know he is the king of this castle. When I come home from work they are there to greet me, well Nocona is greeting me like a real dog, jumping up and down, begging me to pet her, while Chewie stands to the side and looks at me like, yes, you may pet me now. He grants me the privilege of being able to scratch behind his ears. Then lets me know he would like fresh water and more food, oh yes, and open the back door peasant. He is my King Arthur come to life, if any of you women out there ever wondered what life is like at the castle with a king in charge, well let me tell you, they expect you to fetch, praise and fawn over them, when they want you to. Heaven help you if you decide you would like to pet the king, he will let you know right away that is not happening. Forget about grooming him, you will have to chase him, then hold him down for a brushing, all with him making noises like you are killing him!
I love my dogs, they are amazing company, I can tell them anything and they don’t gossip with the other dogs. Mainly because I will not let them socialize while I am away, no chance for gossip there. Trust me when I tell you these two know more about me than most of my human companions ever will.
I have been following a group on Facebook that rescues and rehabilitates abused pitbulls. They are doing amazing work, Gremlin is the name of the facebook page, that is the name of the owners dog. She has such a great face, she was a bait dog, now she has been certified as a therapy dog, such an amazing story. Here is her story:
Gremlin is a former Bait Dog bought with her mother by an undercover police officer. She was then evidence in the Cruelty Case in which the scum who abused her and dozens of other dogs were never convicted of anything. Both of Gremlin’s back legs had been broken and her vocal chords were ruptured by what my vet said was a the end of a baseball bat. The jam the end down the dogs throat to rupture the vocal chords and after that the dog can no longer make any noise. Gremlin has done so much to bring awareness to the Pit Bull Breed and show people that they are not the monsters that the media portrays them as. She has taken and passed all the therapy dog tests and has become a Certified Therapy Dog through Therapy Dog Inc and visits everyone in Nursing homes and will soon be attending the kids at Rainbow Children’s Hospital. Gremlins mission is to bring awareness to Dog Fighting and how the cruelty of humans never cease to amaze us. Please tell all of your friends to like us and help us change the image of the wonderful Pit Bull Breed
The website to find out more about the amazing work her owner is doing is, please check them out.
I am reminded on a daily basis how lucky I am to have the two amazing creatures that live with me in my life.

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