Judgmental Dogs

This morning, as I was pouring my coffee, I overfilled the cup, like usual, and as I started to walk away some sloshed out (not an unusual occurrence), Chewie was standing there watching me. I turned to him and said I do believe there is something wrong with your mummy. Yes, I speak to him in a British accent, he is Siberian after all. He looked at me and I know he was thinking, why yes, yes there is. So judgmental for a dog, well, ok, not a dog, he is Chewie after all. I cleaned it up before he could, I do not need a hyper Chewie, well, he is a little hyper this morning, I did give him ham. Don’t judge me. I can see it in all of your eyes, this woman is not the crazy cat lady, she is the crazy dog lady.
I’m going to stop now, because even I can see I am making everyone’s point.
On Saturday nights I like to watch Star Trek, the original series, it comes on at 10pm here, I still love it. I think I like watching it then because it reminds me of home. when I was a teenager, Star Trek would come on at 11pm, on weeknights, well, during the school year I couldn’t watch it during the week. However, in the winter, if the next day was going to be a snow day, my parents would allow me to stay up to watch it. I always feel like that kid again on Saturday nights, staying up, watching Captain Kirk conquer the universe. And yes, I do realize how boring that makes me sound. I don’t care, it is what I do, if that makes me unbearably boring, well, so be it.
I am still enamored with my new coffeemaker, the Cuisinart one, I love hearing the grinding sound as it makes my coffee. The smell of the freshly ground coffee beans is intoxicating to say the least. I wish everyone had this coffeemaker! If you are a coffee lover the way I am, get this appliance! It is still on sale at Macy’s. Speaking of Macy’s, I bought some new dishes online on Friday, they were having their web sale and I have had my eye on these dishes for quite some time, and they were half price! I grabbed them, they should be here next week, I’ll let you know if I love them as much as the coffeemaker.
Well folks that is all I have for now, I need to get around, I have a stack of things that need to go to the GoodWill, and a ton of laundry to finish up. Oh yes, must take the Christmas tree down sometime. Stop looking at me like that!

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