The Irishman and Coffee

After all this time I have learned the secret of the Irishman’s coffee making skills. He uses the filtered water, as I use the tap water, unfiltered, who knew what a difference that would make! He does make the best coffee, he even went and got me Starbucks this morning, such a bad influence.
I am off work the rest of the week, I decided I wanted my Monday to be my Friday as well, don’t be jealous. Yes, I am bragging, I can’t help it, I needed a little break, although, tomorrow is a very busy day, I will be taking Jeffrey for his back injection. Friday I have appointments all day, so see I have things to do, not all frivolous fun. So what is everyone else doing this week? Is it a week spent working or a week spent having fun, or perhaps a combination of the both.
Last night I cooked some Blue and Gold sausage that I had bought from a man at work, his grandson is in FFA, which is the only way you can get the Blue and Gold sausage. I am telling you nothing here in America beats it, we used to buy it all the time when I was a kid. My parents would buy two or three tubes, it used to only come in the tubes, then my mom would slice it and freeze it in baggies, she froze it in individual servings. So good, I always looked forward to when the FFA would be selling it. They only sold it in the fall, and it is still the same. So the lesson here is support FFA and get the best American sausage on the market.
Elizabeth Anne was in FFA, as was I in high school, ok, for one semester for me, but for Elizabeth it was 3 years. She enjoyed it in a way I never did or could have. Did I mention Tammi was also in FFA? She stuck it out, she learned how to weld in there. Sometimes I wish I had stuck it out, other times I realized I made the correct decision, there is nothing country about me, except in certain instances. Which I will not expound on at this moment.
I am hoping that the weather turns, I am so tired of warm, balmy weather this time of year, I hate it, I need the cold, the wet, the ice, the snow. Please, Mother Nature, bring it on!

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