Never Bet an Oklahoman

Today was absolutely fantastic, to start things off, coffee of course, then a great appointment with my hair stylist, Beatrice, who is a miracle worker. Then off to see Phillip at Starbucks! I got to meet his partner Taylor, and also see other old friends and meet new ones. A great time was had and Phillip just looks fantastic, and happy, he was glowing, so good to see.
I took lunch to the Irishman as a surprise, I hope he enjoyed his sandwich and coffee treat, then back home. I was going to run errands and do some grocery shopping but it was pouring rain so I decided a nap was in order. I did nap, and it was good.
So, the Irishman and I have made a bet, we bet that the other could not go a day without the internet. We will be doing this tomorrow, so you will not hear from me again until Monday. No games on the IPad, IPhone, nor the Mac, no checking in, no Facebook or Twitter. I wonder who will cave first, a lot is riding on this, te greatest being bragging rights.
I believe I will be the winner, he believes he will, we shall see, tat is all I have to say. I can be very stubborn and iron willed when the situation warrants, I think we have all seen that with the change in eating habits.
The hard part will be tomorrow night, has their Sunday night Stylathon, the deals, I am already hurting with the thought of not being able to log in. But I can do it! Wish me luck!

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