Mistakes, Freedom and Life

Confession time, on Sunday, early Sunday, I was trying to do something on the IPhone Facebook App and hit the wrong thing. I unfriended the Irishman, so I quickly added him back. Of course he had to accept the friend request, so when he woke up he had the notice I had friended him. He looked up and said you sent me a friend request, and I had to sheepishly explain I cannot work my phone when not fully awake. He laughed added me back and accepted the request to post he was indeed my fiance. Well of course this is all playing out in public, so all of his friends notice he is magically engaged, again, apparently though they didn’t know the first time around. So he is getting tons of congratulations, while my friends apparently have a little more common sense, only a couple of them hit the like button. None comment. So he goes on to explain what happened, really embarrassed at this point, me not him, he didn’t hit any buttons. So, no drama, just me, being, well me. Mystery solved.
I have been thinking of Buffy lately, really the last episode, where she defeats the Hell Mouth once and for all (at least the one in Sunnydale, we know there is another in Ohio) and she is free to leave the town that held her captive. She can do anything, go anywhere, the look on her face as the camera fades to black is one one of the best endings to a series to date. It is the look of possibilites, so I began to think, if my Hell Mouth were defeated, and I could metaphorically leave, and do anything, go anywhere, what would I do and where would I go. I think I would start with the mountains, I would spend one winter in the mountains of Colorado, holed up in a cabin, reading, writing, playing in the snow and drinking my weight in hot cocoa. Then head for the beach for some much needed sun, I love Florida, both coasts, so I might start there, then move on to somewhere more exotic. And then maybe go save the world, that is what I would do, what would you do?
Lastly, certainly not least, my friend in Owasso Tobra lost her dear friend yesterday, she went home, I know my friend would appreciate any and all prayers. I know how she is feeling, as I still feel the loss of my friend.

Weather Woes

So many thoughts so little time, I am saving what is really on my mind until this weekend when I have time to give my thoughts proper due. Until then, more vapidness, which you are used to!
Yesterday was another amazing looks day, I am loving the sudden weight loss again, I told you all I had been at a plateau, well that has ended. I look pretty darn good, and yesterday someone told me they thought I was in my mid to late 30’s. A good day indeed my friends, a good day indeed.
I am wearing my new Lucky jeans today with my favorite T-Shirt, as you know I do not wear T-Shirts very often, but my favorite is my Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl shirt. I love this girl power shirt. I have not worn it in a while, because, well it was supposed to be winter. I am so angry with the weather at this point, where was my winter weather? We could have at least had a few days of below freezing temperature. For those of you who love the warm weather, well summer is going to be your fault. The horrible insect issues we will be having, your fault. I want you all to take full responsibility right now.
Whew, that felt good! Ok, off to finish getting dressed, makeup, hair, lights, ACTION. Oh wait, wrong industry!


Anyone else watch the new show GCB on ABC last night? Is this Highland Park or what! Love those women, know many of them from Southern Baptists Churches here in Texas, of course those could have been baptist women anywhere. That prayer thing, man, right on target, prayer requests were almost like gossip sessions. Crazy nuts. Not all, there are many Southern Baptist women are are very sincere Christians, GCB has chosen to highlight the funny ones.
I had hit a plateau in my weight loss journey, I am happy to report that is over and I have started losing again, very happy about that. I seriously think I am looking pretty good, with my clothes on, which the majority of the time that is all that matters. But I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror after I get out of the shower and not be grossed out. So work hard I shall. How does one take a journey? One step at a time, I have lost the weight one ounce at a time.
Today is going to be a good day, I can feel it, I hope everyone has a good day, short entry today, lots on my mind, nothing writable at this point.

Fantastic Looks Day

Did you ever have one of those days where everything is perfect? Hair, makeup, outfit, you know the jeans that make you look skinnier than you actually are. Well, today is my day, I look pretty freakin’ amazing! I can’t even lie about it, can’t water it down, downplay my looks, so grateful that God made me the way I am. He could have wittled down the thighs a little and the hips, but hey, I’ll take this over something else. Of course I will look much better 42 pounds lighter, I’m working on it.
Just wanted to check in and tell everyone that I am having a fantastic looks day. Hope you are as well!

Odd thoughts

What does one say when a child looks at you and tells you that they only feel safe when they are in your presence? The thoughts that go through my mind is what is her life like when she is not in my presence that I am the safety net? If she were my child I would be able to do some investigative work and get to the bottom of things, however since she is not mine I cannot do that. Good weekend so far, time spent with Jeffrey and Tessa, with Freddy popping in. I took the Irishmans daughters to visit with Tess, they all play so well together, that we stay a long time. Then it is a stop off at Target for milk and stuff, then home so they can unwind and get ready for bed. The Irishman coming home from work to read them a bedtime story, then bedtime.
They sleep a long time, they went to bed last night at like 10 and did not wake up until I woke them up at 10:30 this morning, I believe 12 and a half hours sleep is plenty. Breakfast then hit the floor running. I like being busy when they are here, so they don’t just sit doing nothing. I never allowed my children to sit and do nothing, always outside playing or inside playing, reading, heaven help them if they ever told me they were bored. Then it was cleaning up, I believe busy hands are not in trouble hands.

Can Men and Women be Just Friends?

Can men and women be friends without the physical getting in the way? That is the question that the movie When Harry met Sally asked and seemingly answered, however, the answer was erroneous. Because their answer was no, my answer is yes, if, and only if, there has never been anything physical to begin with.
Take Jess and myself, best friends, for many years, we have proven the rule, men and women can be friends, but remember, we have never dated. So rule proven.
I do not believe that men and women can be friends if they have dated or had a physical relationship. There will always be something there, a hidden joke, a look, an untoward message, a wink a nudge. It is disrespectful to your current relationship to keep these men or women around. Get rid of them, you will never be just friends if you have seen that person without clothes on. It is a fact, and a proven one, look at the movies, read Dear Abby, look at Facebook and any dating website. If you are keeping these people around you are asking for trouble, or else you cannot commit. If you cannot commit and get rid of the unseemly people in your life then you need to say goodbye to the one you are dating.
That is the way I feel, that is the way I have always felt, this is nothing new with me.
It has been on my mind a lot lately due to the avenues that Facebook opens, it is so tempting to see what your old boyfriend/girlfriend is up to, and why not be friends. Well for just the reasons I have outlined, if you are in a current relationship it is disrespectful to the person you are with. If you are single and they are single go for it, see what rekindles, see why you broke up in the first place. I guarantee the reasons are still there, whatever they may be.
I know for a Friday this is a deep subject and I am sure to get some backlash and perhaps some support for my view, either way I welcome all comments.
I hope you have a good Friday and a great weekend!

A Great Day Indeed

Well, happy Thursday, I see another gateway day has graced us with it’s presence, very happy to see you friend. Has anyone ever noticed how happy Thursdays are? There is a joyousness that cannot be denied, an anticipatory feeling in the air. The weekend is near and anything is possible, a very happy day indeed. This week has been full of goodness, I got to see Jeffrey and Tess more than usual and Alex came home. I communicate with Elizabeth Anne almost every day, whether it is via text, twitter or actual voice. Life is good, I am a fortunate mother, I have amazing children.
Things are good at home, I have no complaints at this point in life, oh it doesn’t hurt that every single thing I ordered this weekend came in yesterday as well.
I renewed my license and the woman that was helping me said wow you have lost a lot of weight since this last picture was taken, I wanted to hug her, make her my new best friend. However since there is a man with a gun working at the DMV I decided not to hop the counter and left with a simple thank you.
Perhaps today will be a Starbucks day, I can practically hear the Passion Tea calling my name, I get it sans sweetener so it is 0 points. Oh, speaking of, did I tell you all I am completely off of te artificial sweeteners? I have switched to honey in my coffee and have not looked back. I do feel better, so far no sinus infections, we will see during the spring season, when it is so windy and there are so many allergins in the air.
Well people, I am totally out of here, looking forward to a good day at work and a good workout afterward. Oh wow, that last part made me literally laugh out loud. No such thing as a good workout!