Fun Work

Today is my first Friday of the week, and yes I do find myself enjoying these days off. I am loving having a day off in the middle of the week, it is a treat, it feels so decadent, to have nothing to do on a Wednesday.

So Elizabeth Anne bought me a new camera for Mother’s Day, I have been playing with it since Sunday. It is the Kodak EasyShare camera and it is purple! So cool, I took a picture of Nocona this morning, and it looks so good! I cannot wait to take pictures of everything, like Tessa, the dog, squirrels, you know, normal things.

I listen to my favorite morning radio show on IHeart Radio, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on KISSFM 106.1; well this morning they are talking about the show I hate the most. The Bachorlette, good lord, I hope they hurry because it is brutal. I don’t watch, have never watched, will never watch, and don’t want to hear. Whew relief, they have moved on to making fun of Chris Humphries. That I can handle.

This morning I brought my coffee with me, I have a giant Starbucks insulated cup, hot coffee through a straw. Yum. Love it, I stole the idea from my friend Linda’s husband, we were hanging out one evening and he got coffee from the coffee shop and was drinking from a straw. It was hot coffee. I asked Linda about it, as I had never seen anyone do that. She explained he had a teeth whitening done and wasn’t willing to give up his coffee (who can blame him) and this keeps the coffee from staining his teeth. Pure brilliance. So, I have stolen this, I don’t do it all the time, but I have adopted it for sometimes. So thank you Linda and Bill for the great idea.

I have to tell you all about my group at work; I am really enjoying this group, with this particular supervisor. True story, when I first came to this department, after training, he was my floor walker, very knowledgeable and helpful. Really wants to see people succeed. It is very refreshing to work for someone of that caliber. Anyway, he asked if we wanted to make our area fun, so we said yes and everyone contributed some funds and one of the women went shopping. Our area is now ready for summer, it is very colorful and fun, we have beach balls, pinwheels, kites and all sorts of fun things. I will take a picture with my new camera and upload it tomorrow so you all can see. We are the only group that has decorated and now every time I walk in, I smile. It just makes me happy.

On that note my friends I shall bid you all adieu, Happy Friday, or Tuesday if it is your Tuesday. I wish you all the best.

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