Word of the Day and Date Night

Last night was date night with the Irishman, something we have not done in a while, due to him being ill and, well, just busy with life. We will not let it go so long till our next date night. I enjoyed it immensely, we went to the movies and saw, are you ready for it, The Avengers. I had to come clean with him and tell him I had actually seen it three times before last night. I am clocking my fourth time to see the amazing Joss Whedon Avengers movie. I loved sharing it with the Irishman the best, watching him discover what I have known forever, that Joss Whedon is brilliance personified. He has said we need to see it again, a heartfelt I agree was issued from myself.

Today is my day off, I will be doing laundry, staying in my pajamas for a long time, then lunch with Alex. A good day off indeed, if only I did not have to do laundry, which I do, it has become a necessity.

On an alturistic note, the Irishman received an email from St Baldricks last night stating they had raised 28.4 million dollars so far this year. I am so proud of him for being part of this amazing organization. Raising money for research to cure cancers that infect children, with their main fundraisers being people who raise money and shave their heads. That is truly incredible, if you have to choose a charity to support I urge you to look into this one and choose it!

Now brings me to a new bit in the blog called word of the day, my friend Kissa said I should incorporate this into my blog. So, folks here is the word of the day: discombobulated: confused, scattered in thought. used in a sentence: Yesterday at work I was completely discombobulated all day due to lack of sleep.

There you have it folks, another great day in the works, I hope you all have a fantastic day.

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