The Pursuit of Happiness?

There is something that has been on my mind a lot lately, and no, it isn’t Dean Cain, well, alright, it is, but not this time. This time I want to talk about how people bandy about the word happy. It all started with the hippies, do whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you feel good. I am going to tell you right now that is really no way to live, and I will tell you why I believe it is no way to live your life.
If I did whatever made me happy, I would sit around watching old episodes of All My Children and eating nothing but puffy cheetos and chocolate. Also throw in some Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse and Firefly and you have my complete happy experience. But wait, let’s add-on some Lois and Clark; the new Adventures of Superman and well you have just made my happiness meter go off the charts.
I do not do those things because I would end up being 800 pounds and after a while my brain would atrophy.
I do what is necessary, I hold down a full-time job, after all they don’t pay you to sit around looking for new pictures of Dean Cain on the internet. Oh, wait, is that a real job? I must check into that. I digress. I take care of a household, make sure the Irishman has his medicines and eats halfway decent and I shop. Now add radio personality, well, ok that makes me happy.
I would suggest everyone stop this notion that you have to be happy, pursue joy, peace, those are the things we should be pursuing. There are many things that give me great joy, helping someone fix their internet so they can talk to their family. That gives me joy, picking up my granddaughter every other Friday from school, gives me immense joy. Talking to my children, hearing that their lives are going well, gives me peace.
This week, your mission, if you so choose to accept it, will be to put aside the notion of happiness and instead understand what joy and peace are. Find things that make your soul peaceful, and gives you great joy. Understand that sometimes wanting the things that inspire happiness are a little selfish, perhaps if the rest of the world set aside doing things that make them happy and focus on others then the world might just improve a little.

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