As many of you know, I am an animal lover, I believe their behavior is rarely judgmental and they accept us as we are. They give unconditional love, they know when you are sad, they know when you need to pet them and let you know when they need you to pet them.
I have talked about Nocona in the past, she is one crazy girl, she is also loving and sweet and loyal, now it is our turn to be loyal to her.
I came home for lunch on Tuesday and found her on the floor, she was not moving she was just looking at me, I immediately called work and took the rest of the day off, then called the vet. It was lunch time and the receptionist explained I may have to wait. Then she said hold on and came back after a few minutes and said the vet was staying through her lunch.
I carried Nocona to the car, which was extremely sad, because normally when you say wanna go for a ride, she runs to the car and jumps in. We got there and they did an X-Ray and determined that she had an infection in her heart, which, the vet explained was transmitted by mosquitos. She also has a slipped disc, add constipation to the list and there you have it. The vet prescribed antibiotics and pain meds, which I picked up at a human pharmacy. So funny how much like us they are, I also give her fish oil now, the vet also said to give her pumpkin to help with her constipation issue, which she turned her nose up at. I now have to give her miralax to help with it.
She has gotten peppier, but now she cannot walk, she wants to, she tries, but her legs won’t obey her, back to the vet today, she said she is going to give her a steroid shot and aggressive pain meds. She believes we can ease her discomfort and she will be able to walk.
It was hard leaving her in the vet office this morning, the way she looked at me, her eyes said I can’t believe you are leaving me. I hugged her and told her I would be back, so back I go at 3:30 and am praying that the steroid treatment is going to work for her.
Pray with me animal lovers, I know you are plentiful out there, she is a good friend, a great member of our family and is loved by all that know her.
I’m not ready for her to join her friend in heaven and yes, I am one of those people who believe pets go to heaven. The bible tells us all that we love will be there. Well I love my pets and chocolate, so there ya have it.

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