The Horrible No Good Morning

I have so many thoughts in my head, not a great morning, rough start, another bad Starbucks experience. When oh when will I learn? NEVER go to the Starbucks at Campbell and Central in Richardson, TX. I used to love that one, it is where the Irishman and I used to meet during his split shift. We had a lot of good talks and laughs at that Starbucks, but this early morning crew just cannot get it together. I am paying you money! Listen to what I want! Is that really so hard? Never again, lesson totally learned now.
I shall take a moment and breath, relax, release, Whitley Gilbert taught me well, there I feel much better.
Today is my first Friday, I know you all are tired of hearing about that, however I shall never get tired of stating it. Tomorrow will be spent doing laundry and getting ready to go out-of-town Friday. I am going to my Testerman family reunion and I am so excited and nervous.
Yes nervous, these are my real cousins, my real family line, as you all know I was adopted. However I was adopted by my great-aunt and uncle, so I stayed in the family. However, this branch are the ones I grew up with until my aunt and uncle adopted me. I have not seen some since I was 12 years old. Some I have not seen since my grandmothers funeral, some I have not seen in roughly 20 years.
I am most excited to see my cousin Cindy, she was always more like a sister than a cousin. I have missed her greatly and cannot wait to hug her. I know some might think this is crazy, that I have not seen them in so long. Life gets in the way, that is all there is to it, nothing more, nothing less.
This is also Father’s Day weekend, it makes me miss my dad and my grandpa, a lot, they were my male role models. The ones that taught me how men were supposed to treat women. The ones I have been searching for all my life it seems. Since my grandfather and father were brothers in reality, they were so similar. They both had strong morals, both strong Christian men who studied the word of God. They both had a great love of the land and farming, animals and family. I miss them both terribly, I wish I still had them to go to and ask their advice on different matters.
Enough, I am going to make myself cry, way too early and it has been way too horrible of a morning. I have come to a decision, I cannot force myself to watch the Choice, no matter how much I want to support Dean Cain. I have found re-runs of Lois and Clark; the New Adventures of Superman on the HUB, Sunday nights. I will stick with that, at least it is fun-filled, less bimbos and, well, Dean is in tights.

Friday, Starbucks and Dean Cain

It has been a strange couple of days, I have had nightmares two nights in a row, the first night was about one of my children. So I do the only thing a mom can do, I text all of them and make them all tell me they are ok. I irritated one as he was asleep, but you know what, I don’t care, I needed to know. So there. They were all fine by the way, but the bad feeling would not go away until I heard from them.

Last night the dream was about me, I was in a house and I had all of the doors locked, however when I went into the garage and got in the car and left someone ran in behind me. I saw him, so I backed out, closed the garage door, went into the back yard and looked in the window. I saw him, the burglar, making himself at home; he was sitting and watching my television! So I yell really loud 911, because that was what I was taught to do in high school. The burglar turns and sees me and gets up and has a machete, and starts to run toward me, I run out of the back gate and jump in the car and before I can drive off I wake up. I was terrified, horrible to wake up without getting away, now I will never know.

So many things happened yesterday, what to address first, well, I’ll go in order, the big meeting. It was a lot of fun, I was not wrong to look forward to it. I do believe they are learning that you praise to success, not berate to mediocrity. The new 2nd level manager and the first level managers gave out kudos and prizes for perfect attendance for the first quarter. The people with the top numbers were recognized as well as new team leads. The only thing that happened that I was sadly disappointed with was a trainer, there was a jeopardy like contest and the contestants were drawn randomly. He was one of them, instead of answering the questions; he was feeding the answers to another contestant. I felt this was inappropriate and unprofessional, this was supposed to be a fun thing, not a cheating thing. He should have answered and let everyone know why he was in a training position. To cheat, sad and wrong.

The rest loved it, we all clapped for our co-workers that won prizes, happy for their recognition, it almost felt like a Mary Kay meeting, I loved it.

The second thing is a not so happy thing, it was the premier of the Dean Cain show, however, I could only stomach about 10 minutes of it, as Dean was not in that segment. I have recorded it and will fast forward to his part, although I don’t even know if I will do that. I can see why I was not considered for this show. The girls are the typical ones you see on the bachelorette or MTV dating shows, more bimbo than nice girl. Of course that seems to be all men want these days, bimbos. Good luck when you procreate with them. Anyway, I don’t think I will be watching this Dean Cain offering as I am sickened by the premise.

On an up note, it is Friday and I am having Starbucks, Venti Passion Tea Lemonade unsweetened of course. So I want everyone to have a fantastic Friday, I hope you enjoy your day and your weekend. Oh I will be volunteering at the Susan G Komen run in Plano tomorrow, I am a race marshal, I can’t wait! Come out and cheer on all of the runners!

Rain = Happiness

So on my day off it rained, and rained and rained, and I loved it, the only thing I love right under snow is rain. I wish it would rain everyday, I would be happy with that.

Tonight is the new show with Dean Cain, I am still smarting over the snub, if he met me he would know that we are destined to be together. Me love you long time. I am still undecided if I am going to watch or not, I may DVR it and then fast forward to just Dean’s parts. That would be the wise thing to do, I would get irritated watching all of that drivel. I am sure it is going to be a bevy of young women who will do anything to date a celebrity. No matter who they are, remember I love Dean for Dean, not for his celebrity. Of course it is his celebrity that brought him to my attention in the first place. Oh damn you double-edged sword.

Today at work should be interesting, out new 2nd level manager has called a meeting of the whole center. In the past these things have never gone well, due to the management style of previous, well, managers. However, I have high expectations for this one, the little I have seen, he seems engaged, connected and sincere. Sincere in his desire to make our center the best it can be, to bring up morale so people will want to be there. I am looking forward to the meeting, will report back.

Well Peeps, I must start my second Monday of the week, Monday/Thursday, yes I am bragging. Till tomorrow then, I shall bid you adieu.

Make it Happen

Well here we are, another Monday/Thursday for me and it feels kinda fabulous. I am still loving my schedule, I do wish I had a later start time, like 7, but you know what, I am not complaining.

I had a nightmare last night, my BFF died, there were snakes everywhere and then something horrific happened. I can’t even begin to put it into words, let’s just say I hope I never have that dream again. I don’t even know where it came from, out of left field, I didn’t watch anything bad before going to sleep, so I don’t know what to attribute the dream to. Needless to say tonight I will try and direct my dreams elsewhere.

Last night I discovered something amazing, on the HUB, they are showing Lois and Clark:  The New Adventures of Superman, from the beginning, every Sunday night. I think you all know what I will be watching, last night was shirtless Dean Cain episode. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, it was as amazing to see now as it was then. Totally held up, I mean you can’t go wrong with a shirtless Dean Cain. Still upset over the dating show.

Friday was Starbucks, yum, today is coffee at home and traveling with me when I leave, I do love my coffee. Is there anything better to start one’s day than an amazing cup of java? I think not, well maybe if I had a maid to bring me said coffee, that would be pretty amazing.

Today’s entry is a short one, I shall sign off on this note, remember to treat each other with respect. When all is said and done, mutual respect is all we have, we are only as good as our word, so go out and make it happen.

Urban Cowboy Ponderings

So today is my second Friday of the week and I could not be happier, I am thinking it is a Starbucks kind of morning. How do you all get your Friday started?

Well Yesterday I got it out of my system regarding Dean Cain, I am still not happy with the situation, I am still waiting for him to come to his senses, fly to Texas and take me on a date. I have been waiting almost 20 years. If I wait much longer I am going to be using a walker.

So I was watching Urban Cowboy and I realized that I am much more sympathetic to Pam, the “home wrecker”, but I realized something. She is not the home wrecker, Bud is, Bud had a choice, he could be loyal and faithful to Sissy, or he could go home with someone else and have sex with them. He is the one that betrayed his marriage, then of course Sissy did as well, it was just one big mess. Which in the end we all know they forgave each other and Pam came clean about Sissy cleaning the trailer. Lord have mercy. One wonders if every woman who has sex with a man who is otherwise taken has feelings of guilt. In today’s society, I doubt it, it seems no one has any morals anymore. And yes, I know I was just talking about dating Dean Cain while engaged to someone else. However, and it is a big however, Dean Cain is in my pre-nup. So there.

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend of doing nothing, how crazy is that, I do think that I am going to have some wine and sominex tomorrow night. I am telling you that is the best combination EVER. I may do that every Friday. I slept so good, all night and didn’t wake up until 9:00 am. Anyone who knows me, knows that is incredibly unusual. I am an early morning person, on my days off, I am up at 6 to 7 am, so to sleep till 9 was incredibly strange.

I hope everyone has a great day and if anyone reads me that knows Dean, tell him I said “call me”.


Open Letter to Dean Cain

It is storming here in North Texas, it fits my mood, I am very dark today, angry, livid really, something has come to light that I feel the need to get off my chest. So here goes, an open letter to Dean Cain.


Dear Dean,

I have been your biggest fan since 1993, the first time I saw you on Lois and Clark, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I told all of my friends, you have to see this show; this man is the prettiest man I have ever seen in my entire life. It didn’t hurt that you were playing my childhood hero, and filling out the blue suit very nicely. I sung your praises to anyone that would listen, then the show went off the air, I even watched Ripley’s Believe or Not, just for you!

I followed your career, watching every show you were on, telling everyone, Dean Cain is on tonight, whether it be Law and Order SVU or Hope and Faith, I watched them all. I was incredibly grateful you never did Dancing with the Stars, as I loath that show. But for you, I would have recorded it and watched your parts. And yes, I would have voted for you. Thank you for not making me do that.

But now, Dean, now, I find out you are doing a dating show! On Fox! Seriously? How did this even happen? I mean, how did I not know? How did I, your biggest fan, not get to try out for this show? Is it my age? Is it the fact I am currently engaged? Well, don’t let that stop you from having me vie for your affection. My fiancé, the Irishman, has said that he would step aside for me to have a date with you. I think he was placating me, but that is beside the point. If it is my age, please do not let that stop you as you are also at this point, out of my age range. Dude you are getting older, still the prettiest man on the planet earth. But let’s be honest here, how much longer can that last? Well, ok, you live in Hollywood, a long time.

I will watch your new show, as I am a loyalist, however I will be yelling at the TV, crying that it is not me, and sadly disappointed that you have decided to go the route of reality TV. I have always pointed out to everyone that you never did reality TV. I am so beyond sad and disappointed. I can only hope at this point you do not choose a skank and actually choose someone who is semi normal and kind of respectable. Let’s face it; the show is on Fox, not exactly synonymous with class.




Weather Gratefulness and Dean Cain News

Yesterday was a horrible weather day here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I am grateful that seemingly no lives were lost. Reports of injuries but no deaths, this is a total praise God day. With the videos of the 18 wheelers that were flung in the air as if they weighed nothing, the tornado that hit the elementary school in Forney, with children inside, only 5 injuries, none life threatening. Yesterday was a miracle people, a flat out miracle, and we should all be grateful. Where I work, we spent two hours in a closet, well four of us were in that closet, some were in the stairwell, bathrooms and a breakroom in the middle of the building. All handled it with humor and patience, most of the time was spent texting loved ones in hard hit areas to find out if they were ok. Yes, they were, one man, his mothers neighbors on either side were hit and the house across the street, hers had minimal damage to the roof, that was it, she was the only one home at the time. The neighbors were all at work, she was not hurt and very little damage to her home. Very grateful indeed.
Tomorrow is my second fake celebrity interview and I am very nervous, I am not going to tell you who it is yet, just know, MAJOR childhood, teenage crush. So excited!
OMG speaking of crush, Dean Cain is making a movie with Charisma Carpenter, how amazingly cool is that! I wish I were her! She tweeted a picture of the two of them, I will say it again he is still the prettiest man I have ever seen in my entire life. I wonder if he still has the Superman costume? I will have to ask him that if I ever work up the nerve to fake interview him.
That’s all for today folks, I am off to work for da man. Bahahahahaha


Ok, so, on Sunday I watched three, back to back, Hercules movies, the Kevin Sorbo Hercules movies. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Ares had been in any one of them. Who does not love Ares? God of War, the late actor Kevin Smith, so amazingly beautiful. I truly believe he was on the same level of amazingness as Dean Cain. If he had lived he would have given Dean a run for his money on my heart. And seriously, the Ares attitude, who did not love that cocky swagger and the large amount of sarcasm dished out? I was so happy when he went on to star in Xena and Young Hercules.
Truly tragic that his life was cut short. He is missed.
I am not feeling well today, I caught a bug or something, it started out as a major headache and has ended with stomach pains and, well, everything that goes with that. I will not go into details as I do not like being gross and disgusting.
I order new nail polish that came yesterday, so excited to do my toes, I have black polish and the silver crackle to go over it, I cannot wait to do my toes! Well that is all I have for now, I know not a lot, but I hope I inspired you to seek out your own Hercules day!

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