Oh Dark Cherry Café Mocha, how many ways do I love thee? Let me count them:
1. The way you give me warmth and comfort while never asking for anything in return.
2. The easy way you slide down my throat.
3. The smooth dark cherry surrounded by the chocolaty goodness
4. The totally synthetic euphoric feeling you give me

Turns out there is only 4 ways… If you have not tried the new Dark Cherry Café Mocha, run, do not walk to Starbucks!

Happy Starbucks Day!

Well, it is Friday, that can only mean one thing, STARBUCKS! I will be acquiring my Starbucks treat on my lunch break, which we all know is at 9:30 AM. I know what you are all thinking, great, it’s Friday and now all she is going to do is wax on about her Starbucks treat. Ha, guess again. It’s Friday, which means it is the day after Thursday, bet you didn’t know that. I will be discussing The Office today. If no one saw last night’s episode, watch it, it will be well worth your time. Especially if you are a fan of the show.
Last night Michael took sucking up to the boss to a new level, I know everyone thinks this is not how real offices are, however, Michael reminds me so much of a manager here in my office. And huge coincidence, we, here in this office, have a new higher up that is a woman and she is right above the manager that reminds me of Michael. I would like everyone out there to do the math. Although, on television, in the end, Michael did the right thing for the people that report directly to him. This does not happen in real life. Unfortunately, in this world, it is dog eat dog. At least within the management team. It is not pretty to watch, entertaining, yes, pretty, not so much.
Office politics aside, I am totally enjoying my new manager, I will not, however, get used to her, as I will get a new one in a few months. They like doing that, changing your manager every 6 months. I have learned to live with constant change here. We also have to change desks every 6 months, so I have taken all of my personal touches home. No pictures of my beautiful family, no mementos, no anything, well I have kept my radio. I need my daily dosage of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning.
After work today I get to spend some time with my amazing oldest son, he will be 25 this year. I totally cannot believe that my baby boy is a husband and a father. So grown up. I am so very proud of him and his accomplishments.
I have already had a lot of coffee this morning; I have switched to caffeine free tea for now, until I get my caffeine loaded coffee treat in roughly 4 hours! WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!


Yesterday I finished the laundry! A major accomplishment, I must say, very proud of myself. It was the perfect day to stay home, it was rainy for part of the day and I had an amazing book to read. It is a book about Nefertiti. I am completely fascinated by strong women in history. I named my daughter after Queen Elizabeth I and her mother Anne. I have a deep love of history, all history, not just recent history. I love ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan, and too many other civilizations to mention. I love it all, from the early days of the earth forming to our own recent American history. I have a tendency to read anything I can get my hands on.
My favorite bookstore is half price books, it is an amazing place. Full of treasures you just can’t find in a regular bookstore. Of course I still love Barnes and Noble, and I look for books at Target and Wal-Mart. I even peruse the book aisle at the supermarket. You just never know what you will find.
I think my absolute favorite time in history to read about is ancient Egypt. It is fascinating, the intrigue, and their unerring belief that royalty was deity come to earth. I think we have just scratched the surface on this great culture; there is still so much to learn. I would love to visit Egypt and go to the all of the great monuments there. Who are we kidding I would have loved to have been a female Indiana Jones making discoveries and uncovering facts that no one has ever found before.
Maybe in my next life, for now I will settle for reading all about it.

Day Off

Yes, I have decided to take the whole day off, no, I am not Ferris Bueler. I had half the day off and when I woke this morning I decided I didn’t really want to go to work at all. So, called in and got the rest of the day off. Yay!
I know you are wondering what I will be doing with my wonderful day off. Well, let me tell you, laundry abounds, I have not done serious laundry in about two weeks. I know that sounds bad, however, when you have as many clothes as I do you can get away with that. I could probably go about 6 weeks and never wear the same thing twice. When I was a freshman in high school we had a math teacher, and I wish I could remember her name, she never wore the same outfit all year long. She is my idol. I want to be her. I wish I could have gotten a magical glimpse inside her closet. There was also a girl with a nose ring in that class. A huge shock for 1979 Owasso, Oklahoma. That girl was a rebel, if I could go back in time I would be friends with her, she wore all black and had a nose ring, oh and she hung out at the convience store across from the school and smoked! That girl was way too cool for any of us. I wonder what happened to her? Tammi do you remember her?
I would also like to organize my shoes, or re-organize, as they were organized until I didn’t put anything away after I wore them. Been going on for months. Shameful, I know. So everyone, wish me luck on my day off that it is at once relaxing and productive!

Am I too old for this?

Today on the radio they had a segment “Am I too old for this?” of course that makes me start thinking about the things in my life.
Am I too old to pull off my valley girl persona? I know what you are thinking, how long has this been going on. I was speaking in the valley girl vernacular before the movie Valley Girl came out. I remember when it came out, that Sunday, two boys walked into Sunday School class and looked at me and said we saw a movie about you last night. To which I responded, “Whatever”, to peals of laughter. So at my age am I too old to speak that way anymore?
Am I too old for fitted jeans? I have worn fitted jeans all of my life. I love them; I do not like baggy clothing. I think it makes me look fat, however, being the age I am, should I start dressing more conservatively? With looser jeans?
Am I too old for 4 inch heels? I wear them almost every day. I love them, I love designer shoes, I love chunky heels, stiletto heels, platform heels, all heels. I am only 5’4” so the higher the better. I don’t know if I can wear flats. I have never worn them, since I was 12 years old. At my age should I be concerned about falling?
Am I too old for pop music? I love Brittney Spears, there I said it, I love pop music, I listen to the local station that plays the top 40. Should I give it up and listen to all oldies? Now granted I am very eclectic in my music tastes, I love everything from Vivaldi to Brittney, with the exception of country and hard rap and heavy metal.
Am I too old for my love of Halloween and dressing up in costumes? I love, love, love Halloween and dressing up. Should I give that up at my age and just settle for wearing a witch hat?

winning call of the day

Me: Thank you for calling major internet service provider, my name is Angie, how can I help you today?
Customer: I have spent an hour on the phone and don’t know what’s going on.
Me: ok, let me check the notes from the previous case.
Me: I see all we need to do is a simple registration.
Customer: Oh My Gawd, do I have to start over?
Me: well I don’t really know what was done but I will be more than happy to help you.
Customer: Well just so you know I am computer re-literate.
Me: (not knowing how to respond to that) ok
30 minutes later I have, through countless efforts gotten her to the registration site.
Customer: it says pick a language, do I pick English?
Me: do you speak any other language?
Customer: I don’t think so
Me: well let’s play it safe and go with English
Customer: it says put my phone number, what do I do?
Me: Put your phone number where it says to
Customer: it says a minimum of 4 characters, oh gawd, what kind of characters, like a cat or dog?
Me: No ma’am, a character is a letter, number or anything else you find on the keyboard.
Customer: oh
Customer: it says 4 digit numeric code, what is that
Me: 4 numbers
We are finally done registering, now comes time to configure her modem.
Me: please open safari
Customer: OH GAWD, how do I do that again?
Me: Click on the little picture on the computer screen that says safari
Customer: oh ok
Me: ok where it asks for username please put the one you just made up
Customer: I don’t remember what I made up (please remember this was just 10 minutes ago.)
Me: it is blah blah blah
Customer: oh I just wrote that down
Finally customer is connected and able to surf the net. Total time spent with customer 1 hour, total time it should have taken 15 minutes.
Can someone please, please, please tell me what computer re-literate means??? She repeated it several times… Am very confused.

New Week!

Awards season has come and gone. I shall miss them, the excitement, the clothes, the jewels, the awkward interviews and even more awkward acceptance speeches. And OMG was Sarah Jessica Parker orange or what? Way too many trips to the spray tan salon I am thinking. Wow, was all I could say, and it was splotchy! WTH! She has tons of money; she can spring for the good spray tanning. Very poorly done.
It’s Monday! Woohoo! Very happy for the new week, a new week indicates a new beginning, a chance to do things the right way. Or just the countdown to the weekend, your choice. This week is just packed with excitement for me, tomorrow night The Irishman is in a Guinness pouring contest, I have taken off half a day on Wednesday so I can go watch him. He is so excited, he is like a kid at Christmas, and it is very cute to watch. This also signifies the first time I will be meeting his Guinness club friends. So, the perfect outfit is in order. I don’t know if I should buy something new, or wear something great that is already in my closet. It is supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow here, so I am thinking great sandals, with a cute dress. Want to look good, not only for me, but for the Irishman since this is the first time meeting some of his friends.
I don’t have a lot to talk about today as it is Monday and it is early, even though I am typically very hyper in the mornings, well Ok, I am right now as well, however, my thoughts are jumbled. I have a lot to decide, well I have already decided, but it was a difficult conclusion to come to and it is still heavy on my mind. It is work related issues so I won’t bore you all with the details. Maybe a later blog when it is all over.
So, in conclusion, Happy, Happy Monday!

Blog itself

I am getting a lot of inquiries asking about the layout of my blog. My fiancee, the Irishman, did it for me. So I have not idea how he did it, to me it is just magic, if he wants to respond here and let people know he can. But I am not that much of a geek!

Happy Sunday!

The strangest thing happened to me yesterday. I went shopping and found nothing that appealed to me. I think I may be coming down with something. I am going to try it again today and see if it was a 24 hour non-shopping bug. However, in my defense, I did not stop by the shoe department. Perhaps I was just not looking in the right place. Interesting thought, I shall go back today and look in all departments.
Tonight is the Oscars; I am very excited about that. I love award shows, from the MTV Video awards to the Emmy’s. The only one I don’t watch is the Daytime Emmys; I think I don’t watch that one because I only watch one daytime show. Well two daytime shows if you count The View, I watch All My Children and The View. I have watched AMC since I was 13 years old. I see no reason to give it up now.
I mainly watch the award shows for the fashion, I love seeing all of the hits and misses, and I don’t care how much Monique’s husband likes it, she needs to shave her legs. I’m sorry but that is just disgusting, and yes I know in some cultures women don’t do that and consider us that do barbaric, however Monique is from the culture that does that. So, Monique, grab a razor, Veet, or wax before tonight’s show, or wear a dress that covers that mess.
It is just about sandal season here in Texas, so now I must be off of here to go perform a much needed pedicure before people start talking about me!
In the words of my friend Jess, see ya!